Damage to the Tank Vessel Profit after a collision with the Motor Vessel Imperial Spirit 30 miles off of the coast of Galveston May 30, 2013. The collision caused damage to both vessels, but no injury or pollution occurred during the incident. U.S Coast Guard Photo.

A collision Thursday between a tanker and bulk carrier off the coast of Galveston caused damage to both ships, but no injuries or pollution have been reported.

The U.S. Coast Guard says that its crews in Texas City received a report at about 5:50 a.m. Thursday of a collision between the 900-foot tanker Profit, carrying approximately 19 million gallons of crude oil, and the 625-foot M/V Imperial Spirit, which was loaded with grain, approximately 30 miles off the coast of Galveston.

A Coast Guard overflight showed no signs of pollution and no injuries were reported from either vessel, although both vessels did report damage.

The cause of the incident is currently under investigation.

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  • http://www.smsllc.com John F. Hess

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a damaged tanker image that so clearly shows the positive effect of double-hull construction. Based on the inner bulkhead framework separation shown, this appears to be a large hull breach. A considerable amount of crude oil would have been released to the water if this was a single-hull tanker. Likely, a fire would have ensured as well. Good image. The double-hull made the difference.

    • MotherFucker

      Long live double-hull then!

    • Σκουπ-Ρο

      Πλάκα δεν έχει;

  • Bağımsız Yunanlılar No7

    “Galveston oh Galveston
    I still hear your seawinds blowing
    I still see her dark eyes glowing
    She was 21 when I left Galveston…”
    This is probably the song that the Captain of one of the vessels was listening to before the big bang.
    BTW, “Imperial Spirit” and “Profit”…OmG those names!

    • Jerry Gav

      “Imperial Spirit” vs “Profit”…the battle of capitalism and NWO…haha!

    • Jerry Gav

      Why did you have to repeat your comment John…?

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