For The Child Within Us: The World’s Biggest Ships Scaled As Wood Toys

Mike Schuler
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September 28, 2010

Toy Wooden Ships - Container Ship, LNG & Tanker[Image via PostlerFerguson]

Like it or not, the holiday season (yes the holidays) are quickly approaching and every year we try to find some cool nautical gift ideas for the kids and adults alike.  Luckily for us, our favorite cool transportation blog Telstar Logistics points us to  an array of maritime themed items by the UK based PostlerFerguson.  Among these items, you’ll find the Wooden Toy Ship mini-series collection, which aims at revive the classical wooden toy of yesteryear.

The Wooden Toy mini-series includes vessesls such as the LNG carrier Arctic Princess, the supertanker TI Asia and of course the world famous Emma Maersk.  PostlerFerguson tells us a little more:

The Wooden Toy Ship mini-series is about reintroducing a sense of the grandeur of current technological feats to the wooden toy. The quality of the materials, reduced aesthetic and sense of technological optimism draw on the classic language of wood toys, while the updated subject matter introduces essential aspects of global modernism into the home.

But don’t bust out those wallets just yet, according to Telstar Logistics the Wooden Toy mini-series won’t be available for purchase until later this year.

Like these toys?  Be sure to check out the other maritime themed items from PostlerFerguson including the marine buoy floor lamps.

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