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World’s Largest Crane Vessel to Depart on Maiden Voyage

Mike Schuler
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July 10, 2019

Heerema’s new crane vessel Sleipnir pictured during LNG bunkering off the coast of Indonesia. Photo courtesy Heerema Marine Contractors

The world’s largest and strongest crane vessel is getting ready to depart Indonesia on its maiden voyage to following the completion of construction in Singapore recently.

Heerema’s newest vessel, named Sleipnir, is designed to work on large offshore projects such as installing and removing jackets, topsides, deep-water foundations, moorings and other offshore structures, such as windmills. With two 10,000-tonne revolving cranes, the vessel can lift loads of up to 20,000 tonnes in tandem. Speipnir is also the world’s first crane vessel with dual-fuel engines capable of running on traditional MGO and LNG.

During recent sea trials, the Sleipnir lifted loads of 11,000 tonnes per crane – 110 percent of their capacity – and passed the tests with flying colors. Sleipnir’s speed was also tested, achieving a top speed of 12.2 knots. Heerema says the ship’s Dynamic Positioning system performed even better than expected, keeping Sleipnir stationary within the footprint of just 30 by 30 centimeters during work.

While in Indonesia, Titan LNG supplied the vessel 3,000 metric tonnes of the super-chilled LNG fuel for its maiden voyage to Spain, making for the biggest LNG bunkering operation worldwide to date. The bunkering took place approaximately 12 miles from shore utilizing the Titan LNG-chartered tanker Coral Fraseri.

The trip to Spain is expected to take about about 45 days. The voyage will take Sleipnir around South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope to the Mediterranean, where Titan LNG will again supply the vessel using the Coral Fraseri, which will pass through the Suez Canal.

“Not only is Sleipnir the world’s largest and strongest vessel, it is also first of its kind as far as sustainability goes. We are making offshore history,” commented Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, Heerema’s CEO.

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