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Media Mentions

But the best feedback is that from gCaptain’s daily readers:

“gCaptain is fast becoming the portal at the center of our maritime digital information, and a daily stop to get the latest news and events from around the world.”

Eric Clarke, VP Americas, RIGHTSHIP

“gCaptain serves as my daily source of maritime news. I value the posts’ broad topics and quick reads. The website is easy to navigate and visually attractive. gCaptain’s writers also have humor and wit not found in other maritime news subscriptions.”

Dr. Eleanor Kirtley, Glosten & Associates

I wake up every morning to the top maritime news found in gCaptain.com. On a daily basis, I find it to be an excellent resource of industry news, trends, and commentary. Rob Almeida and John Konrad are top-notch maritime professionals. I have followed the website since the beginning and their efforts to develop gCaptain into a stellar site it is today has been clearly visible.

Eric Schreiber, Energy Efficiency and Asset Optimization Advisor, ABB Marine

“gCaptain is the best maritime news website available, bar none. Their news is interesting, relevant, and their site is elegant and easy to use. I plan to advertise with them as soon as my site redesign is complete.”

Tim Klaybor, General Manager, Fassmer Service America

“gCaptain has become one of my primary tools for quick insights into the marine world with the most user friendly interface. I look forward to opening the site and seeing what’s new for the day.”

Jim Slaughter, Business Development Manager, Germanischer Lloyd

“Myself and many others in my organization enjoy reading gCaptain on a daily basis and truly find it to be one of the best resources of industry news and commentary available in the Maritime industry. Rob and John continue to shine as leaders in the maritime industry and masters of the social media universe and how it relates to connecting with people in our industry.”

Jeffrey Milstein, Director of Field Ops, Moran Agency, Office of Maritime and Port Security

“I’m a regular reader of gCaptain. I love the mix of serious maritime news, technology updates, and especially the links to other blogs and web sites that I wouldn’t ordinarily find. I feel like it keeps me up to date on what’s happening in the industry but has features like Maritime Monday that are a pleasure to browse through. If you’re in the maritime industry and aren’t reading gCaptain you’re seriously missing out.”

Lou Vest, Houston Pilot

“As a recruitment marketing media buyer, I was thrilled to have found gCaptain.com. The site truly represents an online community and resource for mariners, by mariners. I am continuously impressed by the results of our job postings and banner ads as they deliver large volumes of quality traffic to my client’s website. If you want to reach the maritime community online, you’d be foolish to ignore gCaptain.”

Kevin Bennett, Media Buyer, MediaCross, Inc.

“gCaptain is one of two sites I visit on a daily basis to get Shipping news. I especially enjoy the daily email with the headlines which is clear and concise. Not having to go to 10 different websites to read daily news for free is a great asset.”

Brian Coyne, KPI Bridge Oil New York

“As a Recruiter for Maritime and Oilfield personnel, it has been my pleasure to see your website “gCaptain” grow from a simple “Job Board”, to one of the TOP Information and News resources for the Maritime and Oilfield Industries. I continue to be impressed with your daily “News Feeds” which are current, informative and yet condensed in a manner which enables me to scan each feed quickly yet efficiently. In addition, I am pleased that you have not forgotten your “roots” and still provide Recruiters like myself the opportunity to stay in touch with qualified jobseekers. I look forward to witness the continued development of your website.”

Frank Donovan, Recruiter – N. America Crewing, C-MAR

“gCaptain’s ability to identify and distribute information on Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) issues, and more importantly, facilitate the exchange of opinion and thoughts of the maritime professionals involved, has captured the attention of the federal MDA community. Further, gCaptain’s approach to leveraging web 2.0 tools and capabilities to collect, disseminate, and deliver information to a targeted audience, and their ability to identify trends in the movement of that information, has established itself as the model being emulated by many web-based MDA efforts. Undoubtedly, gCaptain stands at the forefront of maritime information and knowledge exchange, and an important tool for the MDA community at large.”

Cesar Morales, Senior Maritime Domain Awareness Analyst, Washington, DC

“I like to read my daily update from gCaptain over my morning coffee to get an early update on what has been happening in the maritime world. The editorial covers a wide range of topics from current news, technology updates as well as links to many other sites of interest to most maritime professionals. If you are a maritime professional a and you are not receiving and reading your daily edition of gCaptain then you are missing out on a major source of news and information that is totally focused on our industry.”

Keith Wyatt, Director, Marine & Offshore, CONVERTEAM

I have always great pleasure in checking your E-newsletters. They offer insights into a wide variety of marine subjects. I am from the offshore side of the marine business but enjoy reading how other parts of our business are fairing. The good quality pictures also say more than a thousand words.”

Han Tiebout, Vice President, Business Development, SBM Offshore

“There is no better source for “behind the scenes”, up to date, and thought-provoking journalism in the Maritime Industry than gCaptain. The editors and team at gCaptain have tremendous and remarkable experience and bring unique perspective to every article. They seek news from the guys who are at sea, on the ships; they have the connections and the network.

As a senior officer aboard LNG carriers transiting the Gulf of Aden, gCaptain was my preferred source for piracy updates and situational awareness. I recently spent time in Bahrain at the US Navy’s Central Command attending the daily piracy brief to the Combined Maritime Forces Senior Commanders, and so I can say with certainty that gCaptain’s overall piracy picture in the GOA and Indian Ocean is precisely accurate, if not more insightful. More than anything, reading gCaptain is exciting and refreshing. It motivates me and gives me pride to be a part of this industry. They report with electrifying charge.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sebastian Junger is a subscriber.”

Todd Kutkiewicz, Deck Officer, Military Sealift Command

gCaptain is my primary source of daily news about the global maritime and offshore industry. It’s an extremely user-friendly website filled with relevant and interesting news, one that shoreside and seagoing professionals in our industry clearly pay close attention to. I’m not at all surprised that they were identified by Forbes as the top online news outlet in our industry. If I need to get the word out to the industry, this is where I go first.

Craig Johnson, Partner, Flagship Management

I discovered gCaptain two years ago when one of our recently graduated naval architects suggested we advertise with them for job openings. Ever since, I have started my day with gCaptain. It provides me with relevant news, interesting history, and a useful forum for connecting with other industry professionals. I would recommend gCaptain to anyone wishing to be at the forefront of the industry.

Mike Webster, Technical & Business Development Manager, Austal USA

Checking the gCaptain website has become a regular part of my morning routine. Their articles cover the latest news in the maritime industry and offer in depth reporting on a wide variety of subjects. I enjoy seeing the progression as the website has developed into a professional forum for all maritime professionals.

Colin O’Leary, Commercial Manager, SPT Inc.

For someone who’s always on the outlook for the latest trends in the maritime industry, I make sure to check out gCaptain daily.

Naja Boone, Market Communication Manager Wilhelmsen Ships Service 

I am an avid follower of gCaptain and check it almost every day. It has become my main information source, keeping me up to date with what’s going on with in the industry. The Forum is an excellent place to talk and get feedback from other people in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Tim Corbett, Chief Engineer, Transocean

I have utilized gCaptain for the last 4 years. They have done a great job bringing together the maritime/ offshore world. By nature, this industry operates far and wide across all oceans and continents and now there is a place for marine professionals to come together, network, learn, and discover new career opportunities. I recommend gCaptain for companies looking to increase their exposure online and around the world.

Matt Fuhrman, Recruitment Director, Swift Worldwide Resources

“I follow gCaptain on a regular basis because I find their news interesting and relevant to me. They are usually the first ones to break interesting stories due to the fact they have a strong relationship with the eyes and ears of our industry, and because their editors are former industry professionals who understand what it’s like to work offshore.”

James Beindorf, Electrical Supervisor, Transocean

“I have been a regular reader of gCaptain since its inception. As a blog created by and for maritime professionals, I find it insightful, relevant, reliable and informative. It is a “must read” every day. As a ‘recovering journalist’ myself, I appreciate the professionalism of the reporting.”

William H. Watson, Governor & Vice President, Maritime Security Council

“Having sailed deep sea tankers for almost twenty years, with the last ten at a desk, I truly enjoy your website. It keeps me updated with the latest developments in the Maritime industry ashore and afloat. Whether it be piracy updates, financial news, new building info, or product development, its all valuable info for anyone in the Maritime industry. Its timely and often news breaking. The photos are cool too. Keep up the good work! ”

Capt. Eric Halbeck. Operations Manager, MJLF & Associates