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Wireless Internet At Sea – Made Easy!

John Konrad
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April 26, 2011

rogue wave wireless internet - wifi - at seagCaptain recently ran a series of posts looking at a wide array of options for connecting to the internet at sea. Part 2 of the series looked at wireless internet (wifi) options and concluded that, despite difficulties setting up the device, the best and easiest option was connecting via a Ubiquity Bullet router. But the said difficulties in configuring the device likely caused many to avoid this option.

Today we have a solution… WaveWiFi Rogue. This unit contains the exact same hardware as the our favorite unit, the Ubiquity Bullet, sharing both it’s long range wireless capabilities and a plethora of antenna options but the software is completely different (thank god!). While our last test unit have a number of configuration screens and options, the Rogue Wifi unit came with just one, all important, screen (shown above) making connecting to open wifi signals nearly effortless.

The package, provided to us by Randy at LandAndSea WiFi, arrived with a good quality marine antenna, rail and fixed mounts, ethernet cables – all the gear needed to get you up-and-running fast. Running the cables and installing the unit proved relatively easy but the beauty was in the software configuration… I simply plugged in the ethernet cord and entered the company website in my browser… and was presented with a list of available connections which I could sort by signal strength, encryption and type.

One click later and I was online!

For those on coastal runs or ships that visit ports frequently I highly suggest the WaveWiFi Rogue, available to ship around the world via Land And Sea WiFi. Click HERE for more details on this easy to use product.

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