UFO sighting USS Omaha

Unclassified U.S. military image showing a spherical-shaped UFO as seen by U.S. Navy personnel on board the USS Omaha off the coast of California in July 2019. Image courtesy Jeremy Corbell

Watch: U.S. Navy Tracks Spherical-Shaped UFO Off California

Mike Schuler
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May 17, 2021

An investigative filmmaker has released unclassified U.S. military footage showing a spherical-shaped UFO as seen by U.S. Navy personnel off the coast of California.

The footage was recorded by the Combat Information Center on board USS Omaha in July 2019 in a restricted warning area off the coast San Diego and captured by Night Vision and FLIR technology. Now unclassified, it was released by Jeremy Corbell, who first provided details and still images of the incident back in May. Corbell published the video on Friday.

“This footage was filmed in the CIC (Combat Information Center) of the USS Omaha on July 15th 2019 in a warning area off San Diego. This footage depicts a UAP event series that reached a crescendo with one of the unknown targets entering the water. No wreckage found. None of the unknown craft were recovered,” Corbell explained in the original blog post on the Extraordinarybeliefs.com.

UAP is short for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. In the video, you can hear military personnel comment as they track it across the water.

“Whoa, it’s getting close,” said one person. Seconds later, the object disappears into the water. “Whoa, it splashed!”.

The Pentagon has since confirmed the authenticity of the clip and indicated that it will be reviewed by the Dept. of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, a panel established last August to “gain insight” into the “nature and origins” of such objects, NBC News reports.

“It is my hope that these materials will be representative of a unique moment in modern history; a possible turning point towards the rational and transparent approach of investigating and exploring the mystery of the UFO Phenomenon,” according to Corbell.

The video was released before a “60 Minutes” piece on Sunday Sunday about recent UAP incidents that have spurred a report due to Congress next month. You can watch the 60 Minutes below:


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