WATCH: Missiles Simultaneously Strike Multiple Fast Attack Craft on Single Fire

Mike Schuler
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June 26, 2013


Considering you guys liked watching the Norwegian Navy having some target practice with one of their decommissioned ships, here’s video of a successful test of the UK developed MBDA Brimstone missile carrying out the world’s first surface-to-surface salvo engagement of multiple Fast In-shore Attack Craft (FIAC) threats with a single button push. That’s three missiles, three moving craft, one button. Check it out:

The test was conducted on May 29, 2013 off the coast of Scotland. Here’s a bit about the test from MBDA Missile Systems:

Three millimetric wave operational Brimstone missiles were launched in a rapid salvo of less than a second against a simulated attack formation of five representative FIACs. The three missiles independently acquired and engaged their respective targets at a distance between 4km and 5km (constrained by range safety); direct hits resulted in extensive structural damage to the three leading vessels, including one travelling at around 20 knots. The missiles were launched from a surface trials platform using a Brimstone triple rail launcher in conditions of sea state 3.

Brimstone is being proposed by MBDA UK as a surface attack missile for deployment within the Sea Spear system against FIACs and other small surface threats in all weather environments. As an effective maritime Force Protection capability, it rapidly provides significant utility beyond the range of medium calibre naval gun systems. With a range of deck-mounted launcher options, from single to six-pack configurations, the system’s very small footprint gives it a high level of deck positioning flexibility making it suitable for small vessels such as Fast Attack Craft as well as much larger vessels such as auxiliary ships.

So a surface-to-surface weapon that can simultaneously destroy multiple “fast attack crafts” with a single button push? I can think of one use for it. Ok, make that few uses.

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