WATCH: Fishing Vessel Battles Chetco River Bar (Nearly Loses)

Mike Schuler
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January 16, 2017

Check out this amazing video posted to facebook showing an inbound fishing vessel crossing the Chetco River (Brooking) bar near Brooking, Oregon. The footage is grainy but if you watch and listen closely it’s easy to see what’s happening.

According to the person narrating, the video shows the 24-meter dungeness crab vessel F/V Pacific Hooker battle a strong current while inbound. In the first half you can see two guys standing out on deck, but luckily it looks like they head in right before things got really bad. At the two minute mark a HUGE wave take out just about everything on deck.

The person in the video said the vessel actually had to back off and turn around.

“Here is footage from just outside the Brooking bar. There was at least a five knots of current from the Chectco river. This Dungeness crab vessel made it out of a very bad situation, these men on the back deck are very lucky,” the caption associated with the video reads.

The video is time-stamped January 2017 but I can’t make out the day.

The Chetco River is located approximately seven miles north of the Oregon-California border. The strong current is probably associated with the heavy rains and mountain snow that the U.S. west coast has been experiencing so far in 2017. 

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