Baltica: Dog Stranded on Ice Floe Melts Sailors’ Hearts

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January 28, 2010

A dog stranded on an ice floe was rescued by the crew of the Polish research vessel Baltica off the coast of Gdynia in Poland. The dog was first seen floating along a river 100km inland but firemen were unable to rescue him. The dog had drifted 24km out to sea by the time he was found. He is being called Baltic after the ship. A search is being launched for his owners.

The LA Times tells us:

A dog rescued from the Baltic Sea after braving a 75-mile journey on an ice floe is making himself at home on the Polish research ship whose crew rescued him, the captain said Friday.

Jerzy Wosachlo, the captain of the Baltica, said the dog slept on a blanket in the ship’s laboratory, then shared a sausage breakfast with the crew. He said the dog often sticks close to the mechanic who saved him but also has started moving around as he pleases, enjoying the company of people.

“We have enrolled him as a crew member,” Wosachlo said.

Nicknamed “Baltic,” the dog — furry and friendly — will continue in that capacity unless his owner is found, the captain said. The ship is preparing to sail Feb. 10 on a brief mission — with the dog, unless he is afraid, Wosachlo said. Read More…



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