Ulstein Delivers First-Ever PX106 X-BOW PSV to Brazilian Shipowner

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February 16, 2012

Norwegian-based shipbuilder and ship design firm ULSTEIN said today that it has delivered the first of 6 new platform supply vessels to be built in Brazil.  The ‘CBO Atlântico’ was delivered to Brazil’s Companhia Brasileira de Offshore, or CBO for short, and is the first in a series of six ULSTEIN designed X-BOW® PSV’s and the very first of the PX106 design.

The vessel was constructed at Estaleiro Alianca shipyard in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for CBO, which already has two PSVs of P106 design from ULSTEIN in its fleet.

When CBO in 2010 and 2011 decided to order ULSTEIN designed PSVs for Petrobras’ oil rigs support activities outside Brazil, their demands were such:  The ships had to adapt to more and more complex operations and bring with them new technologies to provide quality services, ensure safety and protect sensitive marine environments. Their final decision was to order two small vessels (PX106) and four large vessels (PX105).

The vessels comply with Petrobras’ PSV3000 and PSV4500 tenders, and are designed for effective and flexible transportation of bulk and general cargo to installations offshore. The contracts include delivery of design, engineering, main equipment and commissioning follow-up.

‘CBO Atlântico’ measures 76.3 m (length overall) by 16 m (breadth), and the depth to main deck is 7.5 m. The cargo deck area is 660 m2. Three of the tanks are multitanks of the Cargomax system. She has diesel electric propulsion and azimuth propellers, and can keep a speed of approximately 15 knots. ‘CBO Atlântico’ complies with the CLEAN notation from Det Norske Veritas.

“The cooperation with both Estaleiro Alianca and CBO has been extremely well. We are very pleased with the finish and quality of the end product,” says Project Manager at ULSTEIN, Mr. Rolf Olsen Husø.

CBO Atlântico left the yard on February 2 and has entered into an eight-year contract with Brazilian state oil company Petrobras.

The second PX106 is to be delivered later this year (Q2), and four PSVs of PX105 design will be delivered during 2012–2013.

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