TS Kennedy. File Photo: MarineTraffic.com/Chris W. H.

Training Ship Kennedy Involved in Near-Grounding Incident in St. Thomas -Report

Mike Schuler
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July 21, 2021

A near-grounding incident involving the Massachusetts Maritime Academy training ship TS Kennedy is under review after video posted online shows the ship coming perilously close to rocks in St. Thomas last week.

The TS Kennedy is actually on loan to the Texas A&M Maritime Academy and set sail earlier this month on 56-day training cruise from Galveston with hundreds of Texas A&M cadets, known as Sea Aggies.

Video posted online shows the ship coming close to rocks at St. Thomas’ Sprat Point. No grounding occurred and there is no damage to the ship, but the incident was serious enough that both the school and U.S. Maritime Administration are looking into the matter.

Boston 25 News has the story:

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