Training Resources Limited Announces Launch of SeaLogTM Mariner Credential Tracking App

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November 30, 2020

Press Release – Training Resources Limited., Inc., (“TRLMI”) today announced that it  has launched a new app called SeaLogTM for mariners to be able to track their credentials and sea time. 

SeaLogTM is available on the app stores for both Android and Apple mobile devices. According to Dave Abrams,  CEO of TRLMI, “Our new SeaLogTM app was designed for mariners so they don’t have to worry about when  credentials or training certificates are expiring. The app will provide reminders set up by each mariner, and  retains copies of every certificate. SeaLogTM also tracks sea time, and allows the mariner to output a spreadsheet  file with the information required by the USCG Sea Service form.”  

The SeaLogTM app is free to download and use, and there is no advertising within the app. SeaLogTM will  provide mariners with alerts by text or email, and through the app, TRLMI will provide news updates on changes  in USCG policies that affect mariners. When outside of cell/wifi range, the app will still allow mariners to view  their certificates and sea time. All data is stored in secure servers in the United States, and TRLMI does not  share user data with any 3rd parties, so mariner’s can feel comfortable that their information is secure.  

For company training/HR departments, TRLMI can use the app database to provide status reports about training  readiness of their mariners. No more last minute crew changes because a credential is expiring!  

About Training Resources Limited, Inc. 

Training Resources Limited, Inc, DBA Maritime Institute (“TRLMI”) in the largest privately held provider of  maritime training in the Western United States. The company’s main campus in San Diego is an 18,000 square  foot facility with 14 classrooms, bridge & engine room simulators, and many “hands on” training aids. The company also operates “BoaterU”, a new program for recreational mariners. TRLMI has over 80 approved US  Coast Guard and US Navy courses to provide certifications in deck, engineering, weapons and safety  requirements. For more information, please visit or contact Dave Abrams, CEO at 619-263- 1638.


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