MONALISA Cruise Ship Tracking

Tracking Cruise Ships – Carnival Signs Up For Monalisa

John Konrad
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April 28, 2012

MONALISA Cruise Ship TrackingCarnival Corporation announced this week that it has joined the MONALISA project. Led by The Swedish Maritime Administration, MONALISA aims to continuously track the locations of cruise and cargo vessels sailing in European waters.

The project is a computerised tracking system that offers a continuous view of ship traffic in specific regions, and is designed to provide cruise and cargo operators with information that enables them to operate as safely and efficently as possible.

The latest phase of the project, called MONALISA 2.0, will include a renewed application to the European Commission’s TEN-T (trans-European transport network) programme.

Carnival Corporation will work with the Swedish Maritime Administration to extend the current test area from the Baltic Sea to include the Mediterranean Sea.

A number of Europe-based ships from various Carnival Corporation brands are expected to participate in the initial pilot phase of the MONALISA 2.0 project.

“Due to Sweden’s geographical position we are dependent on a strong and efficient infrastructure to a greater extent than other countries,” says Jonas Vedsmand, marketing director at the Swedish Maritime Administration.

“The Swedish Maritime Administration is very proud to lead a project aimed at making a concrete contribution to creating efficient maritime routes, enhancing maritime safety and to reducing the environmental impact. The project has attracted a considerable international interest, which also confirms that we are on the right track.”

Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and Italian authorities have already joined MONALISA 2.0, and authorities from several other countries are said to be interested.

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