Bitter Lessons of Japan’s 2011 Tsunami Put to Use With Latest Quake

By Elaine Lies TOKYO, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Massive tsunami waves slammed into Japan's northeastern coast more than five years ago, killing about 18,000 people and prompting authorities to revise warning systems and evacuation plans to try to save more lives. On Tuesday, when a magnitude 7.4 quake hit the same area, the country swung into action, using lessons learned in the … [Read more...]

New Science: Using Ships For Tsunami Warning

  by James Foster, University of Hawaii (TheConversation) Racing across ocean basins at speeds over 500 miles per hour, tsunamis can wreak devastation along coastlines thousands of miles from their origin. Our modern tsunami detection networks reliably detect these events hours in advance and provide warning of their arrivals, but predicting the exact size and … [Read more...]

8.2 Earthquake Strikes Offshore Northern Chile, Tsunami Warning Issued

This just in from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: A magnitude 8.2 earthquake has struck off the coast of northern Chile tonight prompting tsunami warnings and watches along the western coast of South America. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued warnings for the following countries: CHILE / PERU / ECUADOR And tsunami watches for: COLOMBIA / PANAMA … [Read more...]

NYK Line’s New Tsunami Alert System Warns Vessels of Impending Danger

We have all heard that tsunamis pass harmlessly beneath ships at sea, and that their true force doesn’t present itself until the seafloor rises to force the wave up and onto land. That is, until we saw this video shot aboard a Japanese Coast Guard ship following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake... Now, just over two years later, NYK Line says it is launching a … [Read more...]

Tsunami Warning Lifted for Indian Ocean

The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has lifted it's warning for the Indian Ocean following a magnitude 8.7 earthquake struck this morning off the northwestern coast of Sumatra at position 2.3N, 093.1 E. A SIGNIFICANT TSUNAMI WAS GENERATED BY THIS EARTHQUAKE. HOWEVER...SEA LEVEL READINGS NOW INDICATE THAT THE THREAT HAS DIMINISHED OR IS OVER FOR MOST AREAS. THEREFORE THE … [Read more...]