Ripping up the English Channel – from Tom Weaver – designer of the Eastport 32

Tom Weaver commented on our article we posted last night featuring his¬†Eastport 32 powerboat design. It turns out Tom was at the helm of Playstation when the following video was taken... "I clicked on the Playstation link and I had never seen that video before, but I remember when it was shot. We were in the English Channel in December of 2000 and heading to Barcelona for … [Read more...]

The Eastport 32 – a powerboat for sailors

I just returned from a few weeks in Annapolis, Maryland where I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Tom Weaver, a career yachtsman with more enviable sea stories than anyone I've ever met. ¬†Tom spent the late 80's and early 90's blazing around the planet as a professional sailor on the 50-foot circuit, then raced for years on the virtually unbeatable … [Read more...]