Maritime Monday for June 18th, 2012; Thank You For Smoking

original: Grace Carey; Displaced Person, Digit Books 1961 / Cover art by Rallney Speculi marini, integram cvm borealis, tum orientalis oceani nauigationem; nimirum a Freto Anglicana, in Viburgum et Naruam; Tabulis diuersis complectens, et earum vsu decorata (1586) [32 pages] Speculum nauticum super navigatione maris Occidentalis confectum, continens omnes oras maritimas … [Read more...]

A Dirty Ship is an Expensive Ship to Operate [ANALYSIS]

- by Daniel Kane, Propulsion Dynamics A half decade ago, hull performance sounded like some esoteric concept, but the ban on tributyl tin (TBT) coatings and increasing bunker prices has led to the emergence of companies specializing in hull and propeller performance monitoring. Nowadays, there is widespread data from many academic and industry sources on the ship … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for February 20, 2012: Alas Poor Yorck; The Raid on Scarborough

What is naval power for? There is no permanent answer. Unlike land-based military might - designed for the conquest of human-occupied territory - sea power has had different functions at different times. In the 19th century, the purpose of "gunboat diplomacy" was to offer a mobile deterrent…. In the first world war (and in the second) the aim was to prevent or deliver … [Read more...]