Maritime Monday for February 24th, 2014: Ship of State 2; Military Vessels Named After US Presidents

HMS President (1918) Formerly HMS Saxifrage, was a Flower-class anti-submarine Q-Ship completed in 1918, and is one of the last three surviving warships of the Royal Navy built during the First World War. In 1922 she was moored permanently on the Thames at Blackfriars, and became a Royal Naval Reserve Drill ship for sixty-five years. Her new name, HMS President, was … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for February 18th, 2014: Ship of State; Vessels Named for Presidents of the United States

 The steam ship President (1,536 × 1,116 pixels) (1,536 × 1,117 pixels)  caption: "The Steam Ship President, The Largest in the World. Lieut. Roberts R.N. commander on her last voyage from New York to Liverpool. As last seen from the Packet Ship ORPHEUS Capt. COLE in the terrific gale of March the 12th 1841 at 5 o'clock P.M. Lat. 39, 46. Long. 71, bearing N.E. by E. by … [Read more...]