NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Philabelphia Duck Boat Collision

The National Transportations Safety Board today released its preliminary report on its investigation into the April collision between a barge and a passenger tour boat boat in the Delaware River near Philadelphia.  Below is a synopsis of of the is stated in the report: On Wednesday, July 7, 2010, the empty 250-foot-long sludge barge The Resource, being towed alongside the … [Read more...]

Shen Neng 1: Fatigue, Inexperience, Wrong Chart

In essence, a simple succession of errors on the part of a very tired crew member resulted in the grounding of Shen Neng 1 on Douglas Shoal, part of the Great Barrier Reef about 50 miles2 north of the entrance to the port of Gladstone, Queensland. on 3 April 2010 says Australia's Transport Safety Bureau. ATSB warns that the report, released on 15 April 2010 is only preliminary … [Read more...]