Gulf Of Mexico Fish Farms: NOAA’s $100 Million Mistake

by Deena Shanker (Bloomberg) If someone offered you a chance to invest millions of dollars in a business nobody wants, would you take it? If you’re the U.S. government, the answer is a resounding yes. Since 2007, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—despite major political, social, and environmental headwinds—has … [Read more...]

Cloudy With a Chance of Whales

New technology will enable scientists to forecast patterns of whale traffic in the Pacific, which will help ships steer clear of whales and reduce fatal ship strikes. By NOAA Fisheries The waters off the coast of California are heavily trafficked, not only by ships, but also by those other seagoing behemoths, the great whales. Blue, fin, humpback and gray whales all … [Read more...]

Is The Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Widening?

A team of NOAA-supported scientists is predicting that this year's Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone could range from a low of approximately 1,197 square miles to as much as 6,213 square miles. The wide range is the result of using two different forecast models based on Mississippi River nutrient surveys. The smaller dead zone forecast, covering an area slightly larger than the … [Read more...]

Bluefin Tuna And The BP Oil Spill

The NY Times has an interesting article on the depletion of Bluefin Tuna around the world and suggests that the fate of Atlantic TunBluefin's may be in jeopardy from the spill. Paul Greenberg writes: … [Read more...]

NOAA’s Bell M. Shimada – Interesting Ship of The Week

This week's interesting ship is NOAA's new high-tech fisheries survey vessel, Bell M. Shimada. Bell M. Shimada's primary mission will be to study, monitor and collect data on a wide range of sea life and ocean conditions, primarily in U.S. waters from Washington state to southern California. The ship will also observe environmental conditions, conduct habitat assessments and … [Read more...]