Linblad Orders Second Polar Expedition Cruise Ship at Ulstein

Expedition cruise company Lindblad Expeditions (NASDAQ: LIND) announced the signing of an agreement with Norwegian shipbuilder and designer Ulstein to build a second new polar vessel, expanding the line's National Geographic polar fleet to four ships. Lindblad Expeditions is an expedition cruise tourism company that operates cruises in partnership with National … [Read more...]

Building A Ship Without Plans… or Steel

The last time I sailed past Zanzibar, I half jokingly urged the Chief Engineer to throw a wrench in the engine... It was not that I wished to delay the voyage any longer but, like Luang Prabang or perhaps the Andaman Islands, it's just cool place to visit! But now I have another reason to go... to see a ship being built without plans, without torches or tools, and without … [Read more...]

National Geographics “Salvage: Code Red”

Here at gCaptain, we love a good television program that offers viewers an inside look into the realities of life in the maritme world.  We are hoping that National Geographics Monday premier of the 5 part series titled "Salvage: Code Red" won't dissapoint.  Here is their description of the show: In National Geographic Channel's Salvage Code Red, salvors race against time to … [Read more...]

Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer – Interesting Ship of The Week

National Geographic also brings us this week's Interesting Ship of The Week.  They tell us: >> NAME: The Palmer is named for a U.S. seal hunter who sailed along the west coast of Antarctica in 1820 looking for seal rookeries. Many believe he was the first to discover the continent. >> SIZE: Built in 1992, the Palmer is a 7,600-ton icebreaker capable of breaking … [Read more...]

Worlds Toughest Fixes – National Geographic Series Premier

We have seen a host of Maritime reality shows come on air in the past year. Some, like Deadliest Catch, have done really well while others, America's Port, have less certain fates. While we have enjoyed them all, it's the shows that put mariners up against tough challenges which catch the excitement of broader audiences. NatGeo's new show will do just that. It's called "World's … [Read more...]