NTSB: Poor Decisions Led to Marseilles Dam Allision

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has issued a Marine Accident Brief into the April 2013 aliision of the Dale A. Heller tow with Illinois’ Marseilles Dam, which resulted in a costly repair of the dam and likely added to the flooding damage to property in the area. On April 18, 2013, about 1740 local time, the uninspected towing vessel Dale A. Heller, which was … [Read more...]

Contain Yourself

Public art, Arenc, Marseille Notes on the Arts and Visual Culture Wednesday, 4 September 2013; by Phil Beard There’s a school of thought that claims the invention of the shipping container did more to transform the world we inhabit then even the invention of the internet. There may be something in it when you consider that all the hardware that gives us access to … [Read more...]