Ocean Photo of the Day – “Gulf Crossing”

It's really quite difficult to take a photo of an ocean wave that really looks like anything more than a ripple in the water once you download it to your computer, but if you're using the right equipment, have the right light, and are able to position yourself in the perfect position, well, photographer Corey Arnold shows us what's possible: Corey is a photographer and … [Read more...]

Running The Houston Ship Channel – At night

In the wake of "500 Knot Transit", Houston Pilot Lou Vest's time lapse photography of a recent tranist comes this photography of . Lou writes: This is another time lapse video made by setting a camera on a tripod (preferably, in this case a stack of books) and setting it to take a photo every 6 seconds. The playback is at 10 frames per second so the action is shown at 60 … [Read more...]

The Queen Mary 2 – Time Lapse Video

The most elegant ship built in decades has caught the inspiration of artists, photographers and ship spotters worldwide. She is elegant, record breaking and capable. She's also a YouTube Star! Here are two video that have reached over 25,000 viewers and for good reason. Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AX4OJZdiBY The liner Queen Mary 2 slips under the Golden … [Read more...]

Ship Photo Of The Week – MSC Texas

MSC Texas, eastbound below the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco You can view Telstar Logistics' other maritime photos HERE and their blog HERE. Also be sure to check out gCaptain's favorite ship photos and our maritime incident photo gallery. … [Read more...]