“I think the pilot turned off the radio!”

By Owen Palmiotti (Coeval, Inc.)...I may have been in diapers when I first learned about communicating. Back then, I was most likely talking to my brother about which crayon tasted the best or what box of fruit juice had the coolest splatter pattern. We learn most of the basic elements of communication when we are toddlers. This communication grows and matures through … [Read more...]

I Believe Incident Free Operations Are Achievable

I challenge anyone in the maritime industry (or any industry) to name a COO, CEO or corporate board member who doesn't see “incident free operations” as the ultimate goal of his or her organization's QHSE initiatives. While there have been significant achievements in the reduction of injuries and incidents in the offshore and maritime environment over the last … [Read more...]

Maritime Casualty Investigation Association

The newly revived Maritime Accident Casebook is seeking your comments on the creation of a new association for the study of maritime causalities. Maritime Accident Casebook is acting secretariat for the proposed Maritime Casualty Investigation Association to feel out individuals and various industry sectors about the desirability of such a body. The purpose of this post … [Read more...]

Shipping References – Cosco Busan Research Links

For those curious how the editors at gCaptain research maritime incidents like the Cosco Busan's allision with San Francisco's Bay Bridge, here are some of the websites that provide excellent reference material. Maritime Industry Custom Search Engine Our first stop in researching any maritime related topic is our own Maritime Industry CSE. It's a powerful resource since … [Read more...]