Escalating Disasters – Protect Your Rescue Team At All Cost

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was recently aboard a rig that, in addition to firefighters manning foam fire monitors, had the Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) manned during every helicopter landing and takeoff. With the helipad on this rig jutting out over the water, it was a rather smart idea to have the FRC on close standby in case the chopper missed its mark and landed in the water. But … [Read more...]

Shipboard Emergency Training – Technology Solutions

030604-N-7902K-084 Philippine Sea (Jun. 04, 2003) -- Damage Control Training Team Supervisor (right), Hull Technician Chief Anthony Wilson and team leader for hose team two (left), Gas Turbine System Technician 3rd Class Clayton Wheeler talk to the accessman (center), Seaman Rafael Rivera about the hose team procedures for accessing a fire filled space after a main space fire … [Read more...]

RescueSim – Virtual Fire Team Traning

We have shown you the video game Ship Simulator 2008, a "realistic" (we haven't tested this claim) simulator game for your PC, but today we point you towards another product from the company Vstep; RescueSim. Here's the short description from the RescueSim website; RescueSim allows emergency response teams to prepare for incidents in a virtual working environment. Under the … [Read more...]

USCG’s 45-foot Response Boat-Medium – Video

The Response Boat-Medium (RB-M) is an all-aluminum, 45-foot boat with twin diesel engines and with water jet propulsion was launched at Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Wash. This small boat, which recently completed a successful Builder's Trials on March 3, is expected to be the primary non-heavy weather, multi-mission capable boat for the U.S. Coast Guard. The RB-M will have … [Read more...]