Ships Without Sailors? It Can’t Happen Soon Enough -Opinion

By Adam Minter (Bloomberg View) -- It sounds like a ghost story: A huge cargo vessel sails up and down the Norwegian coast, silently going about its business, without a captain or crew in sight. But if all goes as planned, it's actually the future of shipping. Last week, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, a Norwegian maritime-technology firm, and Yara ASA, a fertilizer manufacturer, … [Read more...]

Cyber Crime Poses Threat to Autonomous Shipping

By Alex Lennane (The Loadstar) - Cyber crime is likely to delay the introduction of autonomous ships for several years – and it could pose a significant threat to the shipping industry if it fails to act soon. There has been much progress on autonomous ships this year, notably from Rolls-Royce, and in October Norway opened the world’s first designated test area. But there … [Read more...]

Rolls-Royce Launches Strategic Partnership to Develop Smart, Autonomous Ships

Rolls-Royce on Monday announced a strategic partnership with Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre to design, test, and validate the first generation of remotely controlled and automated ships. Rolls-Royce, which has positioned itself as a leader in the development of remote controlled and autonomous ships, believes a remote controlled ship, or so-called drone ship, will … [Read more...]

First Unmanned and Fully-Automated Offshore Vessel Planned for 2018

The UK's Automated Ships Ltd and Norway's Kongsberg Maritime have teamed up to build what they claim will be the world's first unmanned and fully-automated vessel for offshore operations. Kongsberg announced Tuesday that the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the offshore vessel, dubbed Hrönn, which will be designed and built in Norway beginning … [Read more...]

Denmark Planning for Future With Autonomous Ships

The Danish Maritime Authority is preparing for a future that includes autonomous ships by launching a pre-study on the matter. The Authority says that unmanned ships becoming a reality is not a matter of if, but when, where, and to which extent. To prepare for this new reality, the Authority has teamed up with the Technical University of Denmark to initiate the pre-study, … [Read more...]