Friday Bunker Update: Oil prices vs. Iran, Stimulus, Debt Concerns!

In this week's As the Oil Pump's: With holidays in a number of locations on Monday and Tuesday there was limited trading done on the world's commodity exchanges.  Along with limited volume, comes higher volatility as it is easier for market players to move the market in one direction or the other.  At the beginning of the week we saw markets moving up anticipating stimulus … [Read more...]

Crude Markets Show “Stabilized Volatility”, Prices Sink Slightly Lower

Stabilized-volatility would be the most accurate description of the oil markets this past week.  Overall crude prices closed down only about $1 bbl this week; but we have seen them down several dollars at different stages throughout the week and during each trading day.  While the KPI Bridge Oil Composite continues to go down,  fuel oil and gas oil prices are just getting in … [Read more...]

Could Oil Supply and Demand be Returning? WTI Under $100 BBL!

It was a wild ride in the oil markets this week as crude prices fell off of a cliff today and WTI is now lower than $100 BBL.  While the KPI Bridge Oil Composite actually increased over the last week this was due to residual fuel costs rising out of line with crude prices.  It should come as no surprise next week if it is much lower. The main impetus for lower oil prices … [Read more...]