To Be Or To Do – A Naval Career In The Wake Of The USS Fitzgerald & McCain

By Captain John Konrad (gCaptain) Memorialized in bronze by the United States Marine Corps and actively ignored by the general officers in his own service, Colonel John Boyd was a polarizing figure. He was also a genius who is credited with changing the face of warfare forever.  During the past two months, I’ve been hitting the books, trying to understand problems which … [Read more...]

The Pilotage Paradigm

The following has been submitted by Paul Drouin of and is a shortened version of the article that was published in the October 2009 edition of Seaways Magazine.  Click the link below to download the full version of the article. The Pilotage Paradigm: The need for a paradigm shift by Captain Paul Drouin and Captain Robin Heath The long sea voyage is over and the … [Read more...]

Feedback – A failure in XXX Resource Management

Perusing " A failure in XXX Resource Management" I must accept the authors concern. Although encompassing, the point is understood: the maritime industry has problems. It is mostly people and a close second is political and management oversight. Regardless of license, experience and qualification every mariner has the right and personal obligation to warn of impending danger. … [Read more...]

Deconstructing The Cosco Busan Incident – More On Accidents And Why

More on accidents and why. By John G. Denham A pilotage pardox presently exists because of the lack of explanations as to the "root cause" of accidents; basically, a failure to comply with existing rules. There are more rules than there are ships. Piloting is a function of navigation, but it requires an understanding of who is directing the navigation of the vessel … [Read more...]