Advice For A Young Watch Officer

By John Konrad (gCaptain) A new ship can be an intimidating place for a deck officer so here are a few tips to get you started and to remind you of what is important when you show up for watch. - When underway do not hit anything, anytime, for any reason. - Ears, Eyes and ECDIS in that order. - Prudence takes practice. - Make the coffee twice as strong and twice as often … [Read more...]

To Be Or To Do – A Naval Career In The Wake Of The USS Fitzgerald & McCain

By Captain John Konrad (gCaptain) Memorialized in bronze by the United States Marine Corps and actively ignored by the general officers in his own service, Colonel John Boyd was a polarizing figure. He was also a genius who is credited with changing the face of warfare forever.  During the past two months, I’ve been hitting the books, trying to understand problems which … [Read more...]

The USS Fitzgerald Is At Fault. This Is Why.

Editor's note: According to google this article has been read by 133,570 people and has received over 500 comments, questions and replies on Facebook and the gCaptain Forum. Here is Captain Konrad's response: Why The USS Fitzgerald Is At Fault, Part 2 – Questions And Answers By Captain John Konrad (gCaptain) Every ship, regardless of nationality or … [Read more...]

Bridge Tech of The Future: Ulstein’s Bridge Vision

Norway's Ulstein Group unveiled a new technology today that could potentially revolutionize bridge resource management and the way crews interact with bridge equipment. Called ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™, the concept system is more reminicent of something you'd expect to see in a big-budget sci-fi flick, vice a ship's bridge. The system offers a catalogue of user-focused … [Read more...]

Costa Concordia Disaster: Footage from the bridge [VIDEO] This video was taken from the bridge the Costa Concordia in the moments after hitting rocks on the Island of Giglio.  The video offers the first glimpse of the officers, Captain and other crew members from the bridge following the initial grounding. We've been seeing snippets of this video over this past week but this seems to be … [Read more...]