Shipmaster Of The Year Nomination – Captain Alwin Landry

John Konrad
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July 23, 2010

Below is my letter to the Nautical Institute to nominate Captain Alwin Landry as Shipmaster Of The Year 2010. Unfortunately the deadline was last week but, if you agree with the nomination, then CLICK HERE to download an entry form, edit the comments I have written, then email the document to: [email protected]

Please accept my late nomination of Captain Alwin Landry, as Shipmaster Of The Year. Due to his modesty, it was only until this week that I understood the true extent of his excellence in directing both the SAR efforts after the Deepwater Horizon explosion and  his daily responsibilities as master of the Tidewater vessel Damon Bankston.

Best Regards,

UPDATE (9/30/10): We are pleased to hear that Captain Alwin Landry has won the Nautical Institute and Lloyd’s List The Shipmaster of the Year Award 2010.  Read more about the award HERE.

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