Ship Video of The Week: Dual Drydocking of U.S. Navy Destroyers

Mike Schuler
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February 6, 2012

In this video, BAE Systems Ship Repair located Norfolk, Virginia performs the first ever tandem drydocking of two U.S. Navy Aegis Guided Missile Destroyers.

BAE Sysytems said it took 160 employees nearly 19 hours to guide the two U.S. destroyers, the USS Mason and the USS Bulkeley, onto the Titan drydock. At 950 feet long by 160 feet wide and with a lift capacity of approximately 52,000 tons, the Titan drydock is the largest floating drydock on the U.S. East Coast.

The two destroyers, now sitting end to end, are scheduled to stay on the drydock until the end of April, where they will undergo a series of routine repairs and modifications for the U.S. Navy.

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