Ship Photos of the Day – One of the Strangest-Looking Ships Ever

Mike Schuler
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August 28, 2015

The Ramform Atlas has to be one of the strangest-looking ships ever built. It is one of two new vessels in the Ramform Titan class of 3D seismic survey vessels belonging to Petroleum Geo-Services, an Oslo-based seismic data acquisition company.


Its unique design, reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, was developed with one single purpose in mind – collecting the maximum amount of seismic data quickly, safely and reliably.


The ‘Ramform’ hull shape, first developed in 1995, features a vast back deck that is ‘perfect’ for installing and towing seismic equipment. The Ramform Titan class, the largest Ramform vessels yet, are designed with 70-meter beam and 24 reals for a capacity of up to 22 streamers.


Today, there are a total of ten Ramform vessels in operation around the world. Ramform Atlas, along with sister vessel Ramform Titan, were launched in 2013 and another two Titan-class vessels will be launched in 2015, according to the PGS website.


Here’s the vessel with its Ramform Atlas with its helipad lit up as it awaits the arrival a helicopter for the medical evacuation of a crewmember earlier this month off the coast of Spain.


Photos courtesy Salvamento Maritimo (second two) and PGC (first three)

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