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SEACOR Eagle moored in Houma, Louisiana, April 23, 2021. The crew and vessel was inspected by Coast Guard marine inspectors for readiness and approval to be used as an asset for the SEACOR Power response. U.S. Coast Guard Photo

SEACOR Power Response to Transition to Salvage

Mike Schuler
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April 28, 2021

The SEACOR Power response is expected to transition the salvage and wreck removal phase.

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Inspectors from Marine Safety Unit Houma and Lafayette inspected the SEACOR Eagle, another SEACOR Marine-operated lift boat, for its ultimate use in this effort.

SEACOR Eagle was in dry dock for repairs and the inspectors needed to go through the vessel top to bottom and ensure it was in safe and good condition, the Coast Guard said. The inspection also included drills for the crew such as man overboard. 

As we reported this week, the Coast Guard has established a Unified Command to oversee the salvage, wreck removal and pollution response to the capsized SEACOR Power approximately 8 miles off Port Fourchon, Louisiana. The 234-foot lift vessel was carrying a maximum potential of 35,000 gallons of fuel, lube oil, hydraulic and waste oil, according to the Coast Guard. 

The SEACOR Power capsized during a severe squall shortly after departing Port Fourchon on Tuesday, April 13, with 19 people on board. Six crew members were recovered safely following the accident. Seven people currently remain missing. 

SEACOR Marine on Tuesday issued its latest statement on the incident as the operation transitions to salvage:

“We continue to grieve for our crew members, partners and the loved ones of those who were lost. Their memories will live long in our hearts, minds and communities. We are grateful for the efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard, Donjon-SMIT and the dive team from Phoenix International, who have worked with us to lead our search and rescue efforts. As those efforts come to a close, Donjon-SMIT and Phoenix International will transition to salvage operations and vessel recovery of the SEACOR Power. We remain focussed on supporting our team members and their families and will keep them in our prayers.”

The NTSB and Coast Guard are investigating the incident as a “Major Marine Casualty”. 


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