Sailboat Dismasted by Tanker in Viral Video Sailed Too Close, Prosecutors Say

Mike Schuler
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October 9, 2013

Remember this?

Well BBC reports that the skipper of the yacht, Royal Navy lieutenant Roland Wilson, is in court this week accused of negligence in the moments before the August 2011 collision with the 120,000-ton tanker Hanne Knutsen during a Cowes Week race.

Prosecutors allege that Wilson sailed far too close to the tanker, failing to comply with a “moving prohibited zone” of 1,000 meters (0.6 miles) in front and 100 meters (328ft) either side of a vessel greater than 150m (492ft) which ultimately caused the collision.

Almost amazingly, only one member of the eight-man crew of the yacht suffered head injuries in the collision. Another abandoned ship just prior to the collision and was picked up by spectator vessel.

Wilson, who was a serving officer at the time of the crash but is now a reservist, denies three counts of contravening maritime regulations, BBC reports.

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