Rob Almeida
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January 16, 2012

RFA Fort Victoria pirates take down capture

A combined force of NATO-led counter piracy assets was successfully deployed to intercept the vessel, known to be operating off the Somali coast.

As dawn broke on 13th January 2012, RFA Fort Victoria joined USS Carney to ascertain the identity and business of the dhow, which had been identified as a known pirated dhow operating in the shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean.

RFA Fort Victoria is seen here with the dhow in the foreground. RFA Fort Victoria deployed her Royal Navy Lynx Mark 8 helicopter with Royal Marine maritime snipers who provided various clear warnings to the suspects to stop.

Despite these measures, the dhow failed to comply with repeated instructions to stop and verify her intentions. Immediately afterwards, Royal Marines in speedboats approached the vessel and successfully boarded it. The pirates surrendered as the marines safely secured control.

13 Somali pirates were found to be on board together with a selection of weapons.


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