A 300 Gallon Bottle Of Mace? Yep – Pirates Beware

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March 29, 2011

The company that trademarked the less-than-lethal pepper spray “Mace” has announced that it will be joining the international fight against maritime piracy.

Tanks OF Mace Defense SprayTo get in the game, Mace Personal Defense Inc manufacturer of Mace brand pepper spray, has teamed up with Shipboard Defense Systems, a firm specializing in non-lethal vessel protection, to develop an on-board system to repel pirates similar to the point and spray solution proven effective by helpless women, the paranoid public, and law enforcement everywhere.

The system is designed with 300 gallon pressurized tanks that, when activated, disperses a “RAINSTORM” of Mace pepper spray solution into the $$$-filled eyes of approaching pirates.  The solution, applied properly, will cause shortness of breath, intense eye irritation, obscured vision, burning and inflammation for up to 45 minutes.

Dennis Raefield, Mace’s CEO says, “The Mace-SDS solution is unique because it allows ships’ personnel to repel boarders, and avoids the issue of arming vessels with guns. In addition, the SDS system is mounted on the perimeter of the ship and does not affect sea worthiness or require bulkhead penetrations. At Mace, we see significant potential if SDS becomes widely adopted. It offers a real solution to an escalating problem.”

Of course the hopes are that the system will become widely adopted, and it may, but we think it could be a while before your captain starts using the word “rainstorm” synonymous with deterring pirates.

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