Take Down of Pirate Skiffs and Whaler 28-11-2011

Rob Almeida
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December 8, 2011

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Take Down of Pirate Skiffs and Whaler 28-11-2011

Today(28-11-2011) RFA Fort Victoria was approached by a pirate skiff at speed as they attempted to board her, However after Fort Vic laid down warning shots using their Miniguns the pirates had a sudden change of heart and started to make a run for it. Fort Vic gave chase and launched her boarding teams to stop them. Whilst the boarding teams were dealing with the skiff word came in about a whaler and skiff trying to board a fishing dhow not far away, after a 20 mile steam the whaler was found and boarded, the ships helicopter was lauched to find the second skiff which it did and they were soon detained by Fort Vics Boarding team.

Image shows The whaler being searched by the boarding team with Fort Vic in the background


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