Pimp My Ship!

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March 9, 2010

imageFit out the phattest sea-ride…

Make your suggestions to the best, wildest fantasy ship, and see your ideas come to life

By Ryan Skinner for 59° 56′ N

Somewhere, at some time, someone probably said: “Yeah, this ship’s OK, but it’d be better if it had….” And anyone who’s ever seen MTV’s Pimp My Ride knows that all your dreams can be realized, as long as you have some cash, a welding torch and some know-how.

Now, anyone can propose any thing for the wildest ship imaginable! Pimp a ship! Whatever’s your thing – swimming pools, 3-D cinemas, mud wrestling, laser weaponry, whatever! – just propose it in a comment below or take part in the discussions at LinkedIn groups.

It can be a cruise ship, a tanker, an offshore ship, any commercial vessel, and any wild thing you’d like to put on board. Use your imagination! The results will be put into a series of illustrations by a colleague of mine, a designer who can make any thought into gorgeous visuals. And anyone who takes part will get co-credit for the design.

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