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October 7, 2012


El Capitán Coraje –  07: El Secreto de Tano (Spain)


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imageAquaman (Nickname: King Of The Seven Seas) is a fictional character and superhero who stars in many comic book titles by DC Comics, and debuted in September 1941.

‘Those Who Underestimate Aquaman do so at their peril. This hot-headed monarch commands a kingdom that covers three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and extends from the wave crests to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Although he is, at present, a king in exile, his royal bearing is plain for all to see. He was born with blond hair and the ability to communicate with sea life.”

Cast out from Atlantis as a baby, Arthur Curry grew up on land, thinking himself a normal human. But when he matured, Atlantis returned, claiming him as their rightful king. Caught between a surface world constantly ravaging the sea and Atlanteans looking to lash out in revolt, he’s committed to protecting the entire globe. (+)

imageFound and raised by the dolphin Porm, Orin believed himself to be a misshapen dolphin until lighthouse-keeper Arthur Curry took him in. Absorbing some of the language and culture of the surface world from his adoptive parent, the boy took the name Arthur Curry and traveled north.

He unknowingly fathered a child with an Inuit woman, Kako, then became the prisoner of Atlantean soldiers. Arthur befriended a fellow prisoner Vulko and escaped, wearing his prisoner’s garb of orange-scaled shirt and green pants. He soon stumbled into a wave-top battle between the Trickster and the second Flash (Barry Allen). The Flash convinced Arthur to return with him to the U.S., where promoters dubbed him Aquaman.

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Aquaman got his own series in 1962, and was listed as the 147th greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine. IGN also ranked Aquaman as the 53rd greatest comic book hero of all time, opining that even though he’ll forever be the butt of jokes thanks to his fishy powers, comic readers have come to love Aquaman as a noble (and very powerful) figure who is forever torn between the worlds of land and sea.

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Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub
(8 readable issues)


Don Winslow of the Navy
(18 readable issues))


Don Winslow of the Navy was an American comic strip distributed by the Bell Syndicate from 1934 to 1955.

The title character was a spychasing Lieutenant Commander in Naval intelligence. The comic strip led to a radio adventure serial that began in 1937, as well as a film serial that began in 1942. Original comics stories also appeared in Fawcett comic books starting in 1943.

The idea for Don Winslow was conceived by Lieutenant Commander Frank V. Martinek USNR, himself a storied veteran of World War I Naval intelligence, after Admiral Wat T.

Cluverius complained to him about the difficulties of recruiting in the Midwest. Ruminating on the challenge, Martinek decided that a comic strip that focused on Naval tradition and courage would educate and fascinate America’s youth.

Don Winslow was a veteran of the first World War and a member of the agency of naval intelligence. The agency had Don handle threats such as villains with names such as Dr. Centaur, the Dwarf, the Crocodile, Dr. Q, and the Scorpion.

He also battled Singapore Sal a villainous pirate who also fought fellow sailor Lance O’Casey. He was assisted by Lieutenant Red Pennington and dated nurse Mercedes Colby. Mercedes was the daughter of Don’s commanding officer Admiral Colby.

Don Winslow of the Navy (comic strip) on wikipedia

Don Winslow of the Navy on comic wiki


Fightin’ Navy
(23 readable issues)

Fightin’ Navy was a bimonthly war comic published by Charlton Comics from 1956–1966, and then again from 1983–1984. Telling fictional stories of the United States Navy, it was a sister title of the other Charlton war comics Fightin’ Army, Fightin’ Air Force, and Fightin’ Marines.

The first issue of Fightin’ Navy was #74, published in January 1956. Early issues sported the tagline “Exciting Sea Battle Stories.” Almost all of the stories in Fightin’ Navy take place during World War II, telling tales of American ships battling the Japanese and the Germans.



Juan Centella; Spanish


El Capitan Coraje : El Capitán Coraje 04 El tesoro del pirata


Captain Fleet


Captain Kidd 024 (1949)
see also: Captain Kidd 025 (1949)


Coleccion Comandos; Spanish
3 readable issues


Fighting Undersea Commandos (3)


Fighting Yank (World War II) on Startling Comics

The initial comic-book character called Fighting Yank first appeared in Nedor Comics’ Startling Comics #10 (September 1941).

Fighting Yank was created during World War II as a patriotic hero similar to the Shield and Captain America. He was one of Nedor Comics’ more successful characters, eventually replacing Captain Future.

Bruce Carter III obtained his superhuman powers when the ghost of his ancestor Bruce Carter I, a hero from the American War of Independence, appeared to him and showed him the location of a magical cloak that could give the wearer invulnerability and super strength. Only Carter III’s girlfriend, Joan Farwell, knows of his dual identity.

Along with this magical cloak, Fighting Yank’s outfit also included a tri-corner hat, square buckles, an American flag on his chest, a white shirt, and blue pants.



Frogman (9 readable issues)
Daring exploits with today’s fish-men in the watery world of the seas!
(1952 series) — January-February 1952 – May 1953


Frogman UK (3 readable issues)


Enjoy this saltwater saga, drawn by Robert Webb, from Jumbo Comics #102 (1947)
on Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blog


It Really Happened: Queen of the Spanish Main (1947)


Joe Yank 014 (1953)
Korean War vets return home to hot dogs and cold dames


Jungle Jim 13 (1949)
Mystery Island


Lance O’Casey

Lance O’Casey was an adventurous sailor in the South Seas. He was helped by his pet monkey Mr. Hogan and later a young first-mate named Mike Bellew. Lance and his crew would transport cargo, search for treasure, and save damsels in distress as they sailed the seven seas. During the war years, Lance O’Casey would often come into conflict with the Japanese.

Lance O’Casey on Comic Vine
– (source image rt) –


The Mermazons

A race of beautiful women who lived in the city of Merezonia, under the ocean. The city was ruled by the benevolent Queen Klitra from a crystal citadel filled with air. Mermazons could apparently breathe underwater and were talented swimmers, able to survive for long periods in the ocean depths. They carried tridents as weapons and were skilled in killing large monsters with them. They were allies of the Red Torpedo.

(image left)– (inset rt)


Mutiny (1954-55)


Navy Jones (Science Comics) was a two-Fisted undersea adventurer who lived beneath the sea with Princess Coral. He later was revealed as the great-great-grandson of Davy Jones and even met Captain Nemo. His enemies included the fish-men and the shark men. Navy Jones was a skilled fighter and could breathe underwater. He often carried firearms, and commanded a submarine.

more Navy Jones on Stupid Comics


Navy Task Force



Neptina was the queen of the fish-men, who were at war with the surface world. She was opposed by Lieutenant Brad Fletcher, “the Navy’s best undersea expert” whom she was attracted to, and was jealous of the attention he payed to her prisoner Norma. Neptina was going to harvest lungs and vocal chords from the girl because, while she possessed telepathy, Neptina could not breathe outside of water or speak.

image: readable story on White Widow


Pirates Comics

Red Torpedo — U.S Navy man Jim Lockhart invented a one-man submarine known as “The Red Torpedo” and wanted to build it, but his superior Captain Wells did not take the idea seriously. He was so passionate about the project he resigned from the Navy and worked on the project as a civilian with the help of his fiance, Meg.


Shark Brodie

Shark Brodie was a mercenary soldier and sailor who fought his way across the Pacific Ocean. (image)


Startling Comics 005 (1941)
Featuring Captain Future: Man of Tomorrow
see also: Startling Comics 007 (1941)

Sub Sanders

In 10,000 AD, Sub Saunders was a member of the US Submarine Forces. He gained the ability to breathe underwater and survive tremendous water pressure of the ocean debts after an unnamed scientist exposed him to unnamed rays. With his water breathing submarine crew, Sub Saunders assisted the Queen Lantida of Atlantis (which, according to the text caption, was a former underwater colony named after the Atlantis of legends). He fought against enemies such as the Octopeople of Ectpoia, the Frog-Men, Kong the undersea pirate, the Serpent Lady, the Ray-Men, Prince Pizga, and many more.


Top Notch Comics 16 (1941)


U.N.D.E.R.S.E.A. Agent – Davy Jones was a former navy lieutenant who joined U.N.D.E.R.S.E.A. which stood for United Nations Department of Experiment and Research Systems Established at Atlantis. This Atlantis was a research facility on the seafloor built on a portion of the sunken continent and run by its founder Professor Weston. Davy was assisted by his young side-kick Skooby Doolittle. Davy Jones also eventually gained superpowers in the form of super-magnetism.

The organization’s arch-nemesis was Dr. Fang, a Chinese man who conquered the mer-folk kingdom of Lemuria. Other foes included the nefarious Dr Mayhem, sea creatures such as Panther Whales, and a monstrously transformed Skooby.

Undersea Agent on comic book plus; 6 readable issues


Waiting for the Robert E Lee


Warfront 014 (1953)


Yanks In Battle

Job Board: Learn to Draw


Why, even drawing Popeye is a career!

Let’s take a moment to read between the lines and find out what this artist is really thinking…

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