Shore Leave: Maritime Film Fest 2013, NYC

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October 14, 2013

Maritime Film Fest 2013

The Maritime Film Festival was founded by esteemed sailor and artist, Andrew (PORK) Poneros, amongst others. In a broad sense, the annual festival aims to explore the human legacy of life and expedition on the water; moreover to celebrate the intrinsic romanticism of the nautical experience through various creative mediums.

The primary goal is to create an international arena for artists and auteurs to share a deeper understanding and appreciation of mankind’s epic relationship with the sea. A number of initiatives are aimed at discovering and supporting the talent of the future. The MFF is a diverse, constantly evolving, and rapidly growing platform for the exhibition of creative inspiration that flows from the waters of the earth.

In collaboration with the visionaries at Pioneer Works, The Maritime Film Festival aims to celebrate Red Hook as a community and honor its astounding resilience in the face of natural disaster. A year after the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy, Red Hook still stands as an alcove for artists and seafaring enthusiasts…



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Bounce Bounce

Bounce Bounce
is a stop-motion music video from the album Silfra by Hilary Hahn and Hauschka

Mariana - Roman Wolter

Mariana – Roman Wolter
Mariana tells the story of Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard’s
diving mission to the deepest point on earth in 1960

Nathan Kaso - Toy Boats

Nathan Kaso: Toy Boats:
A short tilt-shift time-lapse video capturing the everyday life
of Sydney Harbour and surrounds

Gordon Waltho - Maine

Gordon Waltho: Maine
A short film which captures a perfect summer sail in Maine

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