Maritime Monday for October 9th, 2017: The Power of Friendship

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October 8, 2017
ICP / International Center of PhotographyA crewman signals another ship of an Allied convoy across the Atlantic; photograph by Robert Capa.  More: American Masters; Robert Capa in Love and War
10/05/2017; tugboatgraffiti: My first view of Kirby’s newest ATB, the PAUL MCLERNAN as she returned to Caddells Dry Dock and Repair. Also a bit of a personal milestone as she’s the 300th unique tugboat added to the collection in almost two years covering the New York Harbor area. #60a_4485
For a better view:
Jeffrey Michael Samudosky of JMS Wood Sculpture in Gig Harbor, Washington went to work with a chainsaw on a large piece of wood from a fallen redwood tree. Go see the stunning result
The Underwater Photos Of The Year Are Here, And They’re Phenomenal
Three telegrams that reveal in chilling detail the grim reality of the opening hours of WW2 have been uncovered by a Belfast man. Greg McLelland’s grandfather was Captain James McLelland of the SS Southern Star, which was involved in a dramatic rescue after the passenger ship SS Athenia was torpedoed by a U-boat only hours after war was declared. The attack on a defenceless passenger ship shocked the world & brought home the brutality of the Nazi war machine.
2nd Marconigram timed at 22.10 on 3/9/39 – Chilling SOS from SS Athenia ‘torpedoed, 1400 passengers, sinking fast’
Telegrams tell of first attack by Nazi Germany on Britain when U-Boat sank passenger ship
The SS Athenia (1922) was a steam turbine transatlantic passenger liner built in Glasgow in 1923 for the Anchor-Donaldson Line (later Donaldson Atlantic Line).  She worked between the United Kingdom and the east coast of Canada until September 1939, when a torpedo from a German submarine sank her in the Western Approaches. There were 117 fatalities. 
The Athenia was the first UK ship to be sunk by Germany during World War II, and the incident accounted for the Donaldson Line’s greatest single loss of life at sea. It was not until the Nuremberg Trials after the War that the truth of the U-boat sinking of the SS Athenia finally came out. wikipedia –  World War 2 In pictures: Athenia survivors
also – The Sinking of TSS Athenia, September 1939 on the Glasgow Punter
Remains of the first British ship to be sunk in WW2 appear to have been identified on the Atlantic seabed.
Shipwreck-hunter David Mearns says sonar data shows the transatlantic passenger liner Athenia to be lying 200m down on Rockall Bank, off Ireland.
Smithsonian – The discovery of an ancient bronze arm is a rare archaeological find
Antikythera Shipwreck Yields New Cache of Treasures, Hints More May Be Buried at Site
Over 2,000 years ago, the churning ocean below the cliffs of the Greek island Antikythera swallowed a massive ship loaded with a trove of luxuries—fine glassware, marble statues and, famously, a complex geared device thought to be the earliest computer.
also on Smithsonian – “It’s like a tractor-trailer truck wrecked on the way to Christie’s auction house for fine art—it’s just amazing.”
He was part of the transatlantic system, raised in the upper class of one of Britain’s richest colonies. That isn’t the portrait of a revolutionary fighting for the common man. He was a one-percenter. His early pirate days are more like a rich guy playing the rebel by dying his hair, buying a leather jacket and riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The Gentleman Pirate

The rise and fall of dashing Stede Bonnet — like his infamous mentor Blackbeard — brought to an end the golden age of piracy, but may have scattered the first seeds of democracy
“He is intriguing because he really was a gentleman,” says Colin Woodard, author of The Republic of Pirates. “Many of the pirates were downtrodden seamen. Bonnet was wellborn and had everything to lose. He had a family. He had an estate. And yet he goes off into piracy.”
Masked Booby; Sula dactylatra more

Tropical bird blown onto Cape Cod beach by Hurricane Jose dies

The “very special bird” arrived at the doorstep of Wild Care Cape Cod in “grave condition” last Tuesday, and the organization excitedly reported the development to the public.
“It is with a heavy heart that we report that the booby expired overnight,” Wild Care reported in a Facebook post Monday. “The bird took a turn for the worst yesterday, and was placed on oxygen for much of the day. We certainly tried our best, and his condition was grim from the beginning.” 
keep reading
A species from Japan washed ashore in Oregon, six years after the tsunami. Photo by John Chapman

The research team has detected 289 different species so far. Mussels were the most common, but there were also crabs, clams, sea anemones and star fish.
So common were findings that new species were still being discovered even as the study drew to a close in 2017.

Tsunami drives species ‘army’ across Pacific to US coast
Karadeniz Powership “Orhan Bey”

Portable Floating Power Plants

The MV Karadeniz Powership Orhan Bey is a power barge, a floating power plant, owned and operated by the Istanbul based Turkish company Karadeniz Powership Co. She was commissioned in 2013 to supply electricity to the power grid in Lebanon.  Equipped with eleven electric generators and four high-voltage transformers, the powership has an installed generation capacity of 203 MW, which allows her to generate ten days worth of uninterrupted power without needing to refuel. She is one of a nine strong fleet with more than 1,500 MW total power capacity.  more on wikipedia  – also: MV Karadeniz Powership Fatmagül Sultan

Powerships built by Karpowership are helping developing countries overcome electrical shortages – Power to those in Need

Engine room of Karadeniz Powership “Fatmagul Sultan”
Powership Rauf Bey source
Karadeniz Powership Irem Sultan – The project “Power of Friendship” was developed and conducted by the Karadeniz Energy Group for countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, aiming to fulfill urgent electricity needs. more
Karadeniz Powership Dogan Bey – more

Powerships are delivered to the client countries as a complete power plant ready to operate immediately, and provide medium-term solutions with contracts of 2 to 5 years. 

“Power Ships” – Ships Which Power Up Cities

In the Belly of the Beast – On Bald Head Island, a home worthy of Captain Ahab’s quest
 It was Moby-Dick that served as the guiding metaphor for Wilmington architect Chuck Dietsche, who was approached by clients on Bald Head Island to build a house they would fancifully call Castello della Balena (Castle of the Whale), but which is known today by locals as the Whale House. It’s currently the most expensive house listed for sale in North Carolina, with a whale of a price: The dune-top house with unparalleled 270-degree views can be yours for a mere $11.99 million.
Salt Magazine; The Whale House
 Trinity House – Here’s a few of our favourite photos from our recent helicopter operations at Sark #Lighthouse in the Channel Islands!
Sark, Channel Islands – Sark is the smallest of the Channel Islands located east of Guernsey, and, although being Crown Property, is ruled by a Seigneur (feudal lord of manor). It is a small island, only 3 miles long and 2 miles wide, the north and south parts being almost separate islands joined only by a narrow strip of land. The lighthouse, at Point Robert, in the north east of the island, was built by Trinity House in 1913. The light is elevated at 65 metres above sea level giving an indication of the steep rocky nature of the coastline which makes landing on the island almost impossible. keep reading
  Sark Lighthouse in the Channel Islands on wikipedia
 The Lusitania Telegraph Has Been Recovered, but It May Not Solve Any Mysteries
Ireland’s minister of culture said the telegraph was “undamaged and in excellent condition.” -National Monuments Service
If the famous ocean liner Titanic had been wrecked in Los Angeles’s Koreatown rather than sunk to the depths of the Atlantic, and the passengers and crew had decided to add ramshackle extensions and decorate it with charming kitsch, this is what you would end up with. more on Atlas Obscura

A “Titanic” superfan changed his name to Jack and set up this strange shrine to the blockbuster, complete with Korean food and Tarot readings

(Detail) Buffalo, New York, circa 1900. “Great Northern elevator and shipping.” The freighters Andaste of Ishpeming, I.W. Nicholas and B.L. Pennington. 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size on SHORPY

Working Waterfront Photo Essay: Making bait while the sun shines at the Rockland Fish Pier

“Money can not buy happiness, but can buy you a yacht… And I’ve never seen a sad man on a yacht.” –Hugh Hefner in the 70s. (The Vintage News) – See you next week!

Special Thanks this week to powerful friends Meaddows Ryan, Simon Egleton, and Jim Turnure

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