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July 24, 2016

Harlem River (late thirties/early forties); Ann Nooney (1900-1970) – click image to see full size

underwater weekA Graphic Guide to All the Weird Things in New York City’s Waterways

A pixel art killer whale is frozen mid-leap in this Vancouver square

Atlas Obscura’s Underwater Week

Underwater Week on Atlas ObscuraOne of Miss Monkey’s favoritest blogs has just done an Underwater Week. Click their logo to the right to go peruse over 70 articles on all that is weird and wonderful in the under water world!

What follows below are some Monkey-curated highlights from a recently discovered treasure trove of ship photos.  Tap images to go see (and Fave) the full-size originals on Flickr.

Women Loading Ships With Coal – Fort de France, Martinique, French West Indies/French Antilles
alagoas petro
NT ALAGOAS – Petrobras transporte ship tank, taken in renave shipyard- niteroi – BRASIL 1978
View of deck and masts of a whale ship on its side for repairs
View of deck and masts of a whale ship on its side for repairs (from a stereoview) tap to see full size
Vinalhaven, Maine 1936 Pink Granite Quarry – steam powered hoist is being used to move blocks from the 1934 Ford truck to the ship
HMAS Kuttabul – Built by Walsh Island Shipyard Newcastle NSW in 1922 she was one of the largest passenger ferries owned by Sydney Ferries Ltd – commissioned into the RAN as HMAS Kuttabul in 1940 and used as a accommodation ship permanently moored on the eastern side of Garden Island inside Sydney harbor. More
Ship in Fitzroy Dock, Cockatoo Island, New South Wales, Australia – Between 1839 and 1869, Cockatoo Island operated as a convict penal establishment, primarily as a place of secondary punishment for convicts who had re-offended in the colonies. Also the site of one of Australia’s biggest shipyards, operating between 1857 and 1991. More
st julien
Great Western Railway ship SS St Julien being towed out of Weymouth Harbour on 10th April 1961 – The ship was launched in 1925 and was used on the service between Weymouth and the Channel Islands. By 1961 she had been replaced by a more modern ship and was sold for scrap
St Sampson's Harbour
Low tide at St Sampson’s Harbour; note large tree trunk on dock – Ship in the foreground called the Volunteer; built 1862 in Guernsey, West Cape Prince Edward islands. Registered in Guernsey in 1873, previously to Biddeford, and was wrecked on the 15th of September 1880 en route to Erith to Kemmeplans, “London to Forth” at Newton Northumberland
Al Fardan Railway Bridge; Transiting Suez Canal 1960 – series of 8
Sutherlandshire – Three masted full-rigged ship at sea. 1891 Tons. Built at Glasgow. 1882 (State Library Victoria Collections) – bigbigbig on wikimedia – SV Sutherlandshire ran aground and was wrecked in Bineowangan Bay, Java Head on the 27th July 1900; (wrecksite)
Thrift Shop Found photo – Wreck of the Glenesslin October 1, 1913 at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain, Oregon. Sailed into the rocks on a clear day. All survived, but rocks penetrated the hull and little was salvaged. A naval court of inquiry ruled the cause was negligence: Oregon Ship WrecksMore history
Japanese ship in Baltimore, Maryland Harbor
unknown ship abandoned in shallow water
High and Dry – Ship aground at low tide north west Western Australia, probably late 1800s
HMS Calypso
HMS Calypso (1883) – Royal Navy sail-steamer corvette; built for distant cruising in the heyday of the British Empire, she served as a warship and later training vessel for the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve before and during the First World War. In 1922 she was declared surplus and sold, then used as a storage hulk. Her hull still exists, awash in a coastal bay off Newfoundland
more on wikipedia
Young Crew Member Up on Deck; SS Belgenland Around the World Cruise album (277 images)

On 4 December 1924 she embarked on a 133-day world cruise — one of the longest attempted by a luxury liner at the time – advertised as “The Largest Ship to Circle the Globe”. SS Belgenland (1914) on Wikipedia

Homer and Eugene
Homer & Eugene: Great Lakes freighters in winter lay-up; Port of Milwaukee, 1976
Eugene W. Pargny and Homer D. Williams on Great Lakes Vessel Histories
unknown hulk at the dock
Mystery Ships at the Elevators, Goderich, ON
Mystery Ships at the Elevators, Goderich, ON

In 1866, petroleum exploration crews found a massive ancient salt deposit about 300 metres (980 feet) under the surface of Goderich harbour. To date 150 million tons of salt has been produced from the mine. The mine extends under Lake Huron and is the largest underground salt mine in the world. Goderich is an industrial harbour, used primarily to load salt from the Sifto mines onto lake and ocean freighters.  More

Freighter Vanlene
Freighter Vanlene sank on March 14th 1972 in Barkley Sound, west coast of Vancouver Island; carrying 300 Dodge Colts.
complete propeller assembly at Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co. for the “Mauretania” – Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
USS Katahdin (1893) – ironclad harbor-defense ram of innovative design, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Mount Katahdin, a mountain peak in Maine. Her keel was laid down by the Bath Iron Works of Bath, Maine in July 1891. She was launched on 4 February, 1893. Katahdin was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 9 July 1909 and designated “Ballistic Experimental Target ‘A'”. Katahdin was sunk by gunfire at Rappahannock Spit, Virginia, that September. more on wikipedia
Found Photo – man standing in front of ship
original glass negative; Providence Rode Island – center building is the US Mill Supply Co. and was located at 52-62 South Water Street in Providence Rode Island. The building on the far right was called Jos. Olney & Son Coal and Wood. It was established in 1838 and was located at 117 South Water Street. Both buildings were located on the Providence river.
Unidentified Sailing Ship in Sutherland Dry Dock. c. 1920’s – Cockatoo Island Shipyard (New South Wales)
On the Deck of the Leviathan (Great Eastern) 11th February 1857 (only the coolest ship ever!)
Off Duty – crew enjoying sun bath on forward deck; USS Connecticut (BB-18), US Navy, 1908
French WACS aboard a Coast Guard-manned invasion transport
Very early photo sequence of a steamer passing through newly-opened Panama Canal
Crew of the Nigerian Government Steam Yacht “Ivy” in 1904 – one of a set of 12; 1904 trip from London to the Canary Islands
Royal Canadian Navy Firefighting School, Halifax, 1944 – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About The Rockwood Low-Velocity Firefighting Nozzle
“Steward and cook with the trash can in the middle”
CUNW July 25-2016
steamer excursion in Abbazia (Opatija; western Croatia) 1911 – click image to see larger (source)

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