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April 1, 2018

This Maritime Monday throwback was originally published April 5, 2010. Happy Easter!!


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Developing Story: Australia Seeks to Steady Chinese Ship Stranded on Barrier Reef »

image“According to the safety experts who have briefed me, it could take some weeks,” Bligh told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.  — More on The Associated Press »

Top Story (NY Times):

HONG KONG – A large Chinese freighter carrying coal to China ran aground late Saturday on a section of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, raising fears that it might leak engine fuel on coral in its immediate vicinity.   MORE »


imageA floating restaurant is stranded in a branch of the Yangtze River in Chongqing Municipality, March 21, 2010. A severe drought across a large swath of southwest China is now affecting more than 50 million people, and forecasters see no signs of it abating in the short term, state media said on Friday. (REUTERS/Stringer)World Water Day on »

image Yangtze Morning: Yichang, China –  See Three Gorges Dam, China Set on Flickr and Yangtze Three Gorges Cruise, China on Flickr  A must see: Ship Lift; 3 Gorges Dam »

image No matter how the names get mangled by Anglophone mouths on VHF, it’s written as Jeanne d’Arc  (like the girl general).  Visiting NY is R97, a French cruiser nearing retirement at 50.  When she was launched, Charles DeGaulle was President. More on Tugster »

Africa Groans Under Foreign Shipping Domination

imageCameroonOnline – The phrase, ‘He who controls transport, controls the trade’ has remained a truism. Especially in Africa, where there is a near total dependence on foreigners to provide shipping services without identifiable measures to develop indigenous capacity.

The world economy is highly interconnected. Over the past four decades, total seaborne trade has more then quadrupled. It is also common knowledge that over 90 per cent of the world trade is transported by sea.

Asian Investors Eye Nigerian Maritime Industry

image – One of such potential investors is the fourth largest shipping group in the world, STX Group, which has indicated interest in investing in the Nigerian maritime sector and has scheduled a visit to Nigeria in June this year.

This was disclosed when the director general of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Temisan Omatseye, met with representatives of the group at the just concluded 11th edition of the Asia Pacific Maritime Expo 2010, which took place in Singapore.

Bad Ideas of the Week: RandyFleet Solves the Somali Pirate Problem, But the iPad Floats Alone

image SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING – “Captain, just so I have this right: I’m to take this hose, with a range of 50 yards, and soak down these filthy, salt-encrusted miscreants who know they can hold us for five million and they’ll leave. A little Sunday afternoon shower should do the trick? Is that what you’re thinking, Captain?”

And you wonder why we have mutinies?

Okay, let’s do it my way. Here are the plans for the protective shipping fleet I intend to create. We won’t avoid the Gulf of Aden; we’ll specialize in routes just outside the seven-mile boundary accepted by most countries. I want those pirates to take notice…

Bangladesh Govt Gives Shipbuilders 5% Cash Incentive

image CHITTAGONG, Apr 3: Recognizing the importance of the emerging ship building industry the government has recently allowed 5 per cent cash incentive to shipbuilders under a rescue package. The government is committed to extending all out support towards its growth. The government believes that ship building, if properly nurtured, can lift Bangladesh to the status of middle income group in a relatively short time.

Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan MP said this while addressing as chief guest the handing over ceremony of the multipurpose vessel Stella Moon to its owners Stella Shipping of Denmark.


California Dad Makes Heroic Rescue of Daughter, 2, After She Falls 20 Feet Into East River

A California dad dived into the frigid East River and rescued his 2-year-old daughter Saturday after she plunged 20 feet from a historic boat docked at the South Street Seaport.

Witnesses heard a splash, then a terrifying scream. A moment later, the father, David Anderson, was racing down the deck of the four-masted Peking ship, emptying his pockets along the way.

Canada’s International Maritime Industry Applauds New Measures to Reduce Air Emissions from Ships

MONTREAL, March 31 / CNW Telbec – Canada’s international shipping industry is pleased with the progress made last week at the International Maritime Organization (the U.N. agency that regulates shipping). We welcome the decision to adopt a North American Emission Control Area (or ECA) to help reduce air emissions from ships.

The ECA will improve air quality along North American coastlines by subjecting ships to strict environmental standards that will significantly reduce emissions of sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. Ships will meet these standards by using cleaner fuels and / or implementing treatment technologies such as scrubbers.

Cargo Ship Becomes First to Run Out of Fuel off Britain

image TELEGRAPH UK – The 2,000-tonne Taigeta and her 11 Russian and Ukrainian crew were stranded south of Plymouth – in the dark and living on cold food – after running adrift on Tuesday night.

The 266ft (82m) cargo vessel, which sails under the flag of the Dominican Republic, had to be towed to Falmouth, where she was immediately detained on safety grounds – under European Port State Control regulations – by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Experts said it was “unprecedented” for a ship to simply run out of diesel during a journey. 

Boating season started early this year for many New Englanders

Coast Guard & EPA Supporting Response to Rhode Island Floods

U.S. Coast Guard Sector SE New England in Woods Hole, Mass., the First Coast Guard District office in Boston and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have teamed up with the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to continue assessing threats from pollutants that may have resulted from the recent flooding in Rhode Island.

Joint assessment teams comprised of RI DEM, U.S. EPA and the Coast Guard will work as the floodwaters rescind and allow access to the flooded areas. If the teams discover any potential or actual pollution, they will organize a response to mitigate any threats. Data from the teams working in the field will be compiled at the RI EMA, and responses will be prioritized as needed.

Coast Guard Fail

imagegCAPTAIN – After making my decision to pursue a life at sea and accept an invitation to study in Annapolis my father said, “The Navy practices while the Coast Guard gets the job done. It’s your choice but, if my opinion matters, you are picking the wrong service.” This is one of the many points of criticism he made on options I ignored. 

Truth is, I should have listened, as operations of the Unites States Coast Guard is interesting and rewarding. They are true heroes of mine. But even heroes drop the ball occasionally and it is with this note I bring you Top 10 Recent Failures of the USCG

Cranes Today: Vessel Grows with Wind Turbines

image Dutch heavy lift specialist Huisman has secured a contract with Centrica and MPI Offshore Ltd to supply and install a new, state-of-the-art 600t crane onboard the wind turbine installation vessel MPI Resolution.

The crane will be constructed, installed, commissioned and tested at the Huisman facility in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

The crane is custom-designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines. It has a low overall construction weight of 580t, a reduced minimum radius operating ability of 12.5m and minor tail swing.

Deep Water Writing Muses About Keeping  One’s Cool at Sea

imageDEEP WATER WRITING – Experiencing both happy ships and angry ships, that is ones with good morale and ones with no morale, my brother reminded me that the biggest thing to remember when managing a department is not to loose your cool. “Even if someone is screwing something up, yelling about it makes you the failure.”  I’ve worked with hotheads more than once and will surely work with more so I can relate.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t lost his cool once or twice. My favorite anecdote is when he was working on a heavy lift ship in Saudi Arabia and was knocked off after his 20-00 watch. One of his duties, besides beginning the day steering the ship into port, then mooring and then working a solid 8 hours of overtime, was to ensure the break-room water jug was filled before knocking off. Though diligently fulfilling his other duties that day he had neglected to fill the jug and received a phone call from the 3rd mate relaying that the Chief Mate had ordered him to come back out on deck and fill it…

imageAstute sits on the shiplift outside the Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow-in-Furness, ready to be lowered into the dock. The starboard torpedo tubes are visible on the front.

Defender of the Realm: Britain’s £1.2bn Submarine

This is the best submarine in the world. It is virtually undetectable, has reinvented the periscope and sonar, and doubles as a floating GCHQ. It also happens to be British. Its only weakness? At £1.2bn, we can’t actually afford it

She could prowl the depths of the oceans without stopping for her entire 25-year lifespan, her sleek curves undetected. She generates her own oxygen and fresh water from the surrounding sea, never has to refuel and never needs to break the surface. Indeed, the only reasons for her to come up after 90 days on patrol are to restock with food and to help preserve the sanity of her crew.

Dutch Dredging Contractor Boskalis Has the Financial Firepower for More Acquisitions

imageAMSTERDAM, March 29 – Royal Boskalis Westminster, the world’s largest dredger, has the financial firepower for more acquisitions in the next couple of years in the tens of millions of euros, its chief executive said.

“It will be more in the area of maritime, offshore related services, but it could also be to strengthen some of Smit Internationale’s divisions, and in particular transport and heavy lift,” Peter Berdowski told Reuters.

Dutch Boskalis cleared a major hurdle in its acquisition of maritime services firm Smit last week when it managed to acquire 90 percent of its shares following a 1.15 billion euro ($1.55 billion) offer for the group, excluding 250 million euros in debt.

imageA cloverleaf propeller is among the remnants of an Ellis Island ferry that were raised recently.

Ellis Island Ferry Relics

imageNY TIMES –  Remnants of a ferry that once carried millions of immigrants to Manhattan from Ellis Island now lie exposed on that island’s lawns. Last fall the National Park Service and the Navy raised the ferry parts near the Ellis Island dock, and a dozen rusted chunks of the boat’s underbelly are temporarily on display near the tourist boat dock.

The most visible piece for visitors is a cloverleaf propeller blade on a seawall. From 1904 to 1954 these parts churned below the decks of the ferry named the Ellis Island.

more »

Financial Times: Trend reverses as container traffic returns to bigger ports

Regional ports appear to be losing ground to bigger rivals as container traffic that moved to smaller ports during the boom shifts back to the main gateways.  more »

Fire at Alang Ship-Breaking Yard Kills Workers

image REDIFF BUSINESS – A major fire broke out at Plot No. 27 at Alang beach in Gujarat on Thursday killing as many as 6 people, it is reported.

Reports say that a huge oil spill caught fire, engulfing the ship that was being dismantled by the workers. There were many workers engaged at the ship-breaking yard at Alang when the mishap occurred.

Efforts are on to control the blaze, but rescue workers and authorities fear more casualties.

Freeport, Bahama: Tragedy at Container Port

image Freeport/Nassau Guardian – Three employees at the Freeport Container Port (FCP) are confirmed dead and several more are injured and hospitalized after a tornado touched down at that transshipment site late Monday morning, leaving destruction in its path.

Meteorologist at the Bahamas Department of Meteorology Pat Butler said yesterday the tornado was embedded in the three lines of showers and thunderstorms which moved across the island.

Green Bay Port Officials Focus on Long-Term Growth Strategies

image Wisconsin Post Crecent  – Over the next five years, the Port of Green Bay hopes to expand markets, bolster environmental mitigation efforts and find new opportunities. Expanding markets, opening new markets and making the port a “world-class operation” are among the major goals laid out in the port’s strategic plan.

Ray Johnston, president of the Chamber of Marine Commerce, said one of the areas that group would like to see develop in the Great Lakes region is short sea shipping.

Greenpeace Blocks Ship Loaded with Fin Whale Meat Heading for Japan

image On Friday morning, Greenpeace activists sacrificed their Easter holidays in order to help stop the killing and trade of endangered fin whales. Fewer than 50,000 fin whales are expected to exist in the North Atlantic Ocean and CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna) has put a ban on the international trade of fin whale meat. Iceland and Japan will not sign onto the treaty but the Netherlands has done so. Greenpeace wants the Netherlands to live up to its commitment to stop the killing of endangered whales by not allowing this meat to leave its port.

“Gulf Stream isn’t slowing down”, Research  Finds

imageThe Independent – The stream brings heat northwards from the tropics and is a key factor in the climate of western Europe. Some models of climate change predict a slow down. Although the scientists, from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, noticed dramatic short-term variability, there was no longer-term trend, they said. In fact since 1993 the overall levels of flow looks to have increased.

“The changes we’re seeing in overturning strength are probably part of a natural cycle,” said Josh Willis from JPL. “The slight increase in overturning since 1993 coincides with a decades-long natural pattern of Atlantic heating and cooling.”

Between 2002 and 2009, the team says, there was no trend discernible, just a lot of variability on short timescales. The research is published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

IMO Proposes North American Emissions Control Buffer

imageEnviroLeader – Ships entering North American waters would have to comply with emissions standards once a UN proposal takes full effect.

Members of the UN’s International Maritime Organization’s marine environment protection committee adopted a plan that creates a 230-mile buffer around U.S. and Canadian shorelines, reports Reuters.

Korea: Military Under Fire; Questions Grow Over Crisis Management Capability

KOREA TIMES / OPINION – It is hard to know exactly what happened to the Navy frigate that sank after a mysterious explosion near the West Sea border with North Korea on March 26.

The only known thing is that the 1,200-ton ship split in half and submerged after the powerful blast with 46 of the 104 sailors aboard the ill-fated vessel still unaccounted for.

Delayed search and rescue operations due to bad weather and rapid currents are only ebbing away the hope for the survival of the missing sailors.

Maersk Claims Container Shipping Industry in image‘Fragile’ State

 SINGAPORE — The global container shipping industry remains in a “very fragile” state due to weak demand and a glut of ships, the world’s largest shipping company said Wednesday.

Maersk Line, the container arm of Danish shipping giant A.P. Moeller-Maersk, said companies should go slow in bringing back to service hundreds of ships idled during the recession, otherwise the sector will extend losses which totalled 15 billion US dollars in 2009.

“The situation remains very, very fragile for the shipping industry,” said Hennie van Schoor, Maersk Line’s director of business performance, Asia-Pacific. “It is balanced on a knife’s edge,” he said in a keynote speech at the Asia Pacific Maritime 2010 conference in Singapore.

Maritime Unions Urge Government to Remain Engaged in Fight Against Pirates

image – Despite the progress that has been made over the past 10 months against pirates operating off the coast of Africa, “American mariners face an ongoing threat,” the presidents of six maritime unions wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

However, the private sector maritime industry can’t do it alone.  “These non-lethal measures are not enough as piracy becomes more sophisticated and deadly,” they stressed.  “American crews need and deserve to have their government standing shoulder to should with them to combat this ongoing threat.”

Mississippi: Signal International Hopes Rig Job is First of Many More

image PASCAGOULA — A $10.6 million dredging project has resulted in the first of what Signal International LLC hopes will be much more work, the company announced this week.

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. of Houston in mid-March awarded a $1 million-plus contract to Signal to repair the semi-submersible rig Ocean Baroness. The massive rig is now located at a deep-hole dry dock in Signals east yard, where it is undergoing steel, piping and mooring lock repairs, according to Signal.

Nigeria: Maritime Workers Threaten to Shut Down Ports

April 01, 2010 / Nigeria Sun News – A crisis is looming in the maritime industry where workers have given the Federal Government and management of the Nigerian Ports Authority a 14-day ultimatum within which to address some pressing welfare issues affecting them failing which they threatened to shut down seaports across the country.

Reeling out the grouse of the workers, Mr. Nted stated that the NPA management had refused to pay the tally clerks and security men on board their minimum standard wage and also found it difficult to pay the severance package for some of the disengaged dockworkers who worked for years within the port before they disengaged.

He described, as disgusting, the inability of the NPA management to pay its workers 2009 end-of-year bonus which had never happened before and that the new condition of service signed with the management was yet to be honoured.

NZ Govt Under Fire Over Peter Bethune Caseimage

TVNZ – The anti-whaling protester is facing a long stretch in a Japanese jail with five charges being laid against him after he boarded a whaling ship in February. The most serious charge is causing bodily injury. Labour is calling on the government to do more to help whaling protestor.

Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesman Chris Carter says that the situation is a total overreaction by the Japanese, and that the charges Bethune faces are very serious for what was a relatively minor offence.

imageRemains of what is believed to be North Carolina’s oldest shipwreck

Plan in Works to Salvage Remnants of North Carolina Shipwreck

HAMPTON ROADS ONLINE – Plans are to move the wreck next week from its precarious place in the sand and surf to a plot near the Currituck Beach Lighthouse in Corolla, keeper Meghan Agresto said.

Some are concerned the ship would go to pieces and disappear if left alone. The ship is believed to be about 400 years old. State underwater archaeologists measured and photographed the remains, discovering early construction methods – including spikes made from wood instead of iron – that could date back to the early 1600s.

Ports of L.A., Long Beach Show Hints of Revival

LA TIMES – The wide waterways at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach remain strangely calm, but a sampling of officials from along the international trade chain said Wednesday that business was stirring to life again.

“Last year, I reported that we still had a pulse. Now, the beat seems to be picking up a bit,” said Richard D. Steinke, executive director of the Port of Long Beach, which is second only to the neighboring Port of Los Angeles among U.S. cargo container ports.

Robots to Enhance Productivity, Work Safety in Marine & Shipping Industry

image ChannelNewsAsia: SINGAPORE: Catalist-listed Heatec Jietong has formed a US$3.6 million joint venture with an American firm to provide environmentally-friendly technologies for the marine and shipping industry.

Heatec Chariot Envirobotics (HCE) will use patented Envirobots that are designed to increase labour productivity, enhance work safety and reduce environ-mental impact. The Envirobots were developed by joint venture partner Chariot Robotics after 15 years of research and development.


A Sad Day for the Tugboat SAND MAN; Stealing History

THE PEREGRINE SEA – Recently our port and starboard running lights were stolen. I noticed in your SAND MAN album a couple of photos show the port light pretty good. Can you sent me a copy of these photos, or maybe just crop out the port light. We want to provide a copy to the local police, as well as let all of our friends and supports know the we are now in need of replacement lights.

It’s really a shame the disregard for history some folks have. As far as we can tell, those lights were original to the vessel. If you know of any brass lights that come close to matching these century old navigation lights or have a suggestion on locating them, please let me know

SeaFrance: Travel Woe as Ferry Strike Goes imageOn

UKPA – The Easter getaway travel misery is continuing after a cross-channel ferry firm cancelled sailings for a second day because of strike action.

SeaFrance has “profusely” apologised to passengers after being forced to scrap crossings on Good Friday, turning the traditionally busy bank holiday roads into gridlock around Dover. The company is advising its customers not to travel to the Kent port unless they had made other travel arrangements.

Seattle Maritime Festival this May

image With the world’s largest tugboat races, boat building and survival suit contests, maritime poetry slam, demonstrations, Chowder Cook-Off and a container ship full of free family fun, the Downtown Seattle Waterfront is the place to be for the annual Seattle Maritime Festival, May 6-8, 2010.

“The festival is designed to celebrate and showcase our maritime industry and the important role it plays in the Puget Sound region’s economy,” commented Festival General Chair Andy Bennett, KPFF Consulting Engineers.

This year’s Festival celebrates “The Year of the Seafarer,” as declared by the Council of the International Maritime Organization. The theme pays tribute to the world’s 1.5 million seafarers for their unique contribution to society. It also recognizes our region’s mariners who have helped keep Puget Sound waters amongst the safest and most risk-adverse in the world.

  • full schedule of events and more »

Singapore’s PSA International Hit by “Unprecedented” Revenue Decline

PSA’s flagship Singapore terminal saw a 13.1% decrease to 25.1m TEUs but remained the world’s busiest container port. Throughput at the group’s 27 other port projects in 15 countries was down 7.1% to 31.8m TEUs. PSA said the smaller decline internationally reflected both its presence in countries (e.g. China) less affected by the global crisis and the contribution of container volumes from new port start-ups in Chennai and Vietnam. 


The Singapore Mariners’ Club

image Baird Maritime – In his 1917 novel The Shadow-Line, Joseph Conrad’s young character, on leaving his ship in Singapore, shuns the grand hotel to stay at the Officers’ Sailors’ Home. He describes the building: “a large bungalow with a wide verandah and a curiously suburban-looking little garden of bushes and a few trees between it and the street. That institution partook somewhat of the character of a residential club, but with a slightly governmental flavour about it, because it was administered by the Harbour Office.”

The building described by Conrad is long since gone. Located at the corner of North Bridge Road and Stamford Road, the site was sold in 1924 and is now occupied by the Capitol Building. 

The proceeds from this sale were combined with the funds left by a benefactor to purchase a site at One Anson Road where a new sailors’ home, called Connell House, was opened in 1925. Operated by a London-based charity, the Mission for Seafarers, Connell House continued to provide for sailors until 1971…

Souped-Up Alert System Spreads the Word imagefor Coast Guard

Upgrade enhances the Alert and Warning System while allowing for bidirectional communications

GOVT COMPUTER NEWS – According to the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, the Coast Guard must provide timely information to its partners at the nation’s sea ports and in the maritime industry — and collect feedback from them. “They are the eyes and ears of the Coast Guard,” said Lt. Cmdr. Ted Kim, operations systems manager at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington.

To help exchange of information, the Coast Guard developed the Alert and Warning System and integrated it into its Homeport Internet Web portal. The system enables the distribution of local or nationwide alerts about weather conditions, natural disasters, security threats or operational activities via e-mail and phone messages, in addition to text messages to wireless devices.

ST Marine Lands $39 million Vessel Upgrade Contracts from Singapore, New Zealand

image DYNAMIC POSITIONING NEWS – The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has awarded a contract to ST Marine to upgrade a class of its vessels. The work scope will involve detailed system design, installation and integration to enhance the capability of the vessels to meet RSN’s operational requirements. The upgrading work will commence mid 2010 and is expected to be completed by end 2015.

A second contract comes from New Zealand’s National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA). ST Marine will upgrade its research vessel, Tangaroa. Measuring 70.0m long and 13.8m wide, Tangaroa will undergo upgrading works that will equip her with Dynamic Positioning capability. Upgrading works will include the installation of new thrusters and additional navigation sensors as well as enhancement of power management system.


Suisun Bay’s Ghost Fleet May Finally R.I.P.

80 Beats – The ghost fleet, mothball fleet, reserve fleet—whatever you want to call the long-obsolete U.S. Navy ships that have been rusting in California’s Suisun Bay for decades, they might finally be gone this decade. The federal government’s Maritime Administration says it will spend $38 million to remove about half of the crumbling convoy from the waters near San Francisco by 2012, and dispose of the rest by 2017.

UK: Nautical Institute Receives the 2010 Samuel Plimsoll Award

image The editors of Professional Mariner have announced the 2010 winners of the Samuel Plimsoll Awards for Outstanding Service.

GOOD DAY MARINERS – The winner for Outstanding Service by an Organization is the London-based Nautical Institute. It was honored for its support of the professional development of mariners and for its promotion of safety in the maritime industry.

The awards are named after Samuel Plimsoll, a British Member of Parliament who strove to end the dangerous practice of overloading vessels. His efforts culminated in legislation passed in 1876 requiring load lines, or Plimsoll marks, to be visible on the hulls of seagoing ships. The awards honor those who, in the spirit of Samuel Plimsoll, make the world a better and safer place for mariners.

Upgraded Durban Port Now Ready to Handle Far Larger Vessels

Creamer Media’s Engineering News – State-owned freight logistics group Transnet formally announced the completion on Wednesday of the R3-billion project to widen and deepen the Durban harbour entrance – it also said that the project had been completed a month ahead of schedule and below the group’s forecasted cost to completion. 

USA Today: Richard Phillips recalls ‘Days at Sea’ as pirates’ hostage »


US to A$$ist in Establishment of Nigerian imageMaritime Institute

To give Nigeria top ranking in the comity of nations, the American government has pledged assistance to Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) to establish a world class maritime institute.

To this end, a senior faculty member of the US Merchant Marine Academy, Prof. Dennis Compton, is expected in Nigeria next week on a three-day working visit Whilein Nigeria. Compton will survey the proposed site, conduct meetings with the college authorities and the Maritime Advisory Board and also major stakeholders in the industry.

Wall St. Journal: Cosco Pacific Posts 37% Decline in Net Profit

HONG KONGCosco Pacific Ltd. said Tuesday its 2009 net profit fell 37% because of a sharp decline in container-handling volume as the global financial crisis hurt international trade, but the Chinese ports investor said business had improved markedly since the end of last year thanks to China’s rapid recovery.

Women Have the Right Leadership Skills to Advance the Shipping Industry, say London Executives

image MAREX – Are the leadership skills of women a boon to the shipping industry? The answer is a resounding Yes, judging by an overwhelming vote from an impressive cross-section of the maritime industry which was attracted to a debate organised by WISTA-UK at prestige City offices. Women and men were as one voice on the subject, for there were 32 males among the 62 people present.

After a lively and prolonged debate, they backed the motion: This House believes that womens’ leadership skills are well suited to the shipping industry. The success of the event, a tribute to International Womens Day 2010, reflected the growing prestige of WISTA-UK among both genders, and all sections, of the maritime community.

imageWork Knives for Mariners: Are They Legal?

TOWMASTERS – In the last year I’ve seen the subject of knives come up several times on the gCaptain forums, the discussion usually centering on the legalities of the possession and/or carrying of work knives by mariners aboard their vessels or while traveling between their homes and wherever their work takes them.

This is, I would hope, a subject that everyone understands is very complicated, primarily because our work may entail traveling between and through the jurisdictions of numerous states or provinces and, in some cases, nations.

image Terrifying Sea Critter Hauled from Ocean’s Depths – A submarine exploring the ocean’s depths recently returned with an unexpected visitor.  MORE »

imageFAS Rig at Twighlight, USNS Guadalupe (TAO-200) cma_decky’s photostream »

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