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December 7, 2009

Welcome to this 191st edition of Maritime Monday.

You can find last week’s edition here .

image Red Nose Right Returning?
One of Santa’s reindeer seems to have lost his way in NY Harbor.

Bill Bensen was on the scene…

59° 56′ N asks “What would Google do if it was in shipping?”

Googly Four months ago, I first asked the question “What would Google do – if it was in shipping?” based on the book by Jeff Jarvis. I explored the first precept – customers are now in charge – and how this could apply to shipping; now for the next precept… »

70.8% has The Log of Bernard Gilboy’s Transpacific Cruise in the Boat, “Pacific” 1882-1883 »

The Log of Bernard Gilboy's Transpacific Cruise In 1876 Alfred Johnson made the first solo Atlantic crossing in a 20′ dory, sailing from Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Abercastle, Wales, in just under two months, with a brief stop in Nova Scotia. Johnson named his boat, CENTENNIAL, and said his voyage was to commemorate the nation’s first hundred years…

80beats Science Blogs has New Map Suggests Huge Ocean Once Dominated Mars’ Northern Hemisphere »

AP is reporting:

image MONTPELIER, VT — Richard Phillips, the ship captain toasted as a hero after he was taken captive by Somali pirates, ignored repeated warnings last spring to keep his freighter at least 600 miles off the African coast because of the heightened risk of attack, some members of his crew now allege.

The complete AP post by John Curran is here »

BBC reports Skipper of UK-crewed yacht admits Iran waters ‘mistake’ (video)

The group are now in Dubai – their original destination – and have held a brief news conference to give more details about the incident. Mr Smith told reporters their Volvo racing yacht had shed a propeller during the voyage.

“We had no intention of upsetting anyone. We were just trying to get here [Dubai] to start a yacht race,” he said.

Bhopal, World’s Worst Chemical Accident 25 years later:

Bhopal The sirens started at the Union Carbide plant at 12:50 AM on December 3, 1984. The public alarm was turned off after a minute. A second alarm, heard only inside the plant, continued to warn UC workers. Frequent leaks caused the alarms to sound so often that the company became concerned about its reputation.

At 1:15, someone told the police that there was a gas leak in the northern part of the city. The police called Union Carbide, but were told that the UC plant was secure. Officials searched frantically for the source of the leak for the next hour, calling the UC repeatedly. Each time, the company insisted they were unaware of any problems.

Thanksgiving found Bitter End wallowing in childhood nostalgia so he did some digging around about everyone’s favorite 6th grade movie

Bitter End Kon-Tiki is the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands.

Kon-Tiki is also the name of the popular book that Heyerdahl wrote about his adventures. BE also managed to locate a full feature program on Kon-Tiki on YouTube »

Bobbing for Survivors: In response to recent Indonesian ferry tragedies, AMVER asks international rescue authorities to chime in with their success stories.image

Amver blog: Recent casualties show need for rescue coordination »

Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook opens the doors of The Nautical Bestiary »

whales whales

fenders that were once upon a time real whale bodies, but today, are BIG black, heavy industrial strength rubber bumpers.

BYM Maritime reports UK: Shippers’ Voice says state subsidies represent slippery slope to further bad investments »

image Governments must resist giving state aid to shipping lines as this will never benefit shippers or global trade, says Andrew Trail, Managing Partner of  Shipping lines made bad decisions before and should not be helped by the taxpayer to make them again.

Also: UK & China. Lloyd’s Register Teams with Chinese Design House to Research & Develop Green Ships »

Casco Bay Boaters was curious about the history and development of survival suits »

imageIn 1869, Captain Stoner invented a patent life saving apparatus, which was revolutionary for the time and addressed all the fundamental modern day requirements of a survival suit. It included a waterproof suit, a lifejacket, head protection, a signaling device and paddles for aiding passage through the water.

Coast Guard still probing death of Staten Island, NY tugboat crewman »

Fisheries: Gloucester Daily Times reports Fishing sectors “set up to fail” coalition says »

feesh According to chief fishery analyst Tom Nies, of the New England Fishery Management Council, which established the hard annual catch limits last month during its meeting last month in Newport, R.I. — the rebuilding process is on track or even a bit ahead of the projected recovery timetable.

Foss tugboats getting $739K ‘green’ overhaul Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) »

Two tugboats in Foss Maritime Co.‘s fleet will get retrofitted with pollution-reduction devices paid for with $739,000 in EPA and federal stimulus funds.

General Dynamics NASSCO lays keel for fifth product tanker; Jones Act vessel to be named Evergreen State »

M/T Golden State SAN DIEGO — General Dynamics NASSCO today laid the keel of the fifth ship of its State-class product carriers. The ship will be named Evergreen State, the state nickname of Washington.

Right: M/T Golden State, the first product tanker built by General Dynamics NASSCO. Image and article from MarineLog

HELSINGIN SANOMAT has Troubled former ferry Onyx must not leave France before it has been repaired substantially »

The journey from Vaasa has been troublesome. In the UK, Onyx remained in dock for more than a week. At times the vessel even disappeared from the AIS positioning system’s charts in the same fashion as the infamous Arctic Sea did earlier this year. The French environmental organization Robin des Bois criticizes the Finnish authorities for having allowed to ship to leave Vaasa in the first place.”Either the authorities were being naïve, or it was simply convenient for them to accept the assurance that the ship would be repaired in Turkey”

IMOWATCH has How 16 Ships Create as Much Pollution as all the Cars in the World »

Last week it was revealed that 54 oil tankers are anchored off the coast of Britain, refusing to unload their fuel until prices have risen. But that is not the only scandal in the shipping world. Award-winning science writer Fred Pearce, environmental consultant to New Scientist and author of Confessions of an Eco Sinner, reveals that the super-ships that keep the West in everything from Christmas gifts to computers pump out killer chemicals linked to thousands of deaths because of the filthy fuel they use.

Japanese Subs Discovered 6 Decades After U.S. Intentionally Sank Them »

Jones Act Issues, Questions, and Answers has an informative website and free monthly newsletter »

The free monthly e-Newsletter is entitled Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself and will clearly set out, in plain language, the maritime, & admiralty and Jones Act appellate decisions that have occurred in the last month in any jurisdiction, federal and state. Whether you work on a crew boat, supply boat, rig, jack-up barge, barge, dredge, platform, tugboat, fishing boat or any other type of connection to the water. Also: podcasts and RSS

Journal of Commerce reports GAO Finds Large Gaps in 100 Percent Scanning »

image Customs and Border Protection has made “limited progress” in implementing 100 percent scanning of U.S.-bound cargo containers, according to a report released Wednesday by the Government Accountability Office.

CBP has not been able to achieve 100 percent scanning at any participating port. It has scanned a majority at some low volume ports but only about 5 percent at the larger ports, GAO said… has Every Vessel Needs a Fire Caddy »

image Just-In Case Fire Ltd, of Calgary Alberta, designs, manufactures markets and distributes innovative, foam induced portable fire suppression equipment under the brand FireCaddy. FlameOut foam is also the only environmentally friendly foam that can fight both A & B fires. The foam is non-toxic which allows fire trucks to batch mix the foam without having to do the time consuming efforts of flushing out the system as it is non corrosive and environmentally friendly.

Maritime Reporter & Engineering News has Sister to Record-Setting Dredger Sets Sail »

image The Leiv Eiriksson and Cristóbal Colón are, by some distance, the largest trailing suction hopper dredgers in the world. With a hopper capacity of 46,000 cubic metres and 78,000 tons of deadweight, the new, mega-hopper suction dredgers are capable of sailing at speeds of up to 18 knots.The vessels have an overall length of 731.6 ft, a breadth of 134.5 ft, a loaded draught of 49.7 ft, and are capable of dredging down to 465.8 ft using a 1,300 mm suction pipe.

MOGADISHU: Somali pirates warn against navy raid on Greek tanker »

Maran Centaurus Hijacked on November 29 with a crew of 16 Filipinos, nine Greeks, two Ukrainians and a Romanian, the Greek-flagged Maran Centaurus — the second largest vessel ever seized by Somali pirates, is now anchored off the pirate lair of Haradhere. “There are more than 50 men on board the tanker now and we are prepared resist any rescue attempt..”

Monterey, CA: Council Questions Closure of Maritime and History Museum »

Closing the Monterey Maritime and History Museum at Custom House Plaza for a year to 18 months is a necessary step to deal with serious financial problems, said museum executive director Pam Crowe Weisberg. “Every month, we pay our bills from the (museum) endowment,” History and Art Association board president John Greenwald said. “It’s unsustainable.”

New Zealand: Rccnz to Host Delegation of Antarctic and Maritime Experts »

Over 80 Antarctic and maritime experts will be attending the meeting, which will examine issues surrounding ship-borne tourism in the Antarctic Treaty area. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are hosting the Antarctic Treaty Meeting of Experts.

For further information visit:

Obama to nominate Khouri for Federal Maritime Commission »

Ocean Lines announces Annapolis School of Seamanship Offers Winter Workshop for Cruisers »

Maryland The organization recently announced the launch of a new Cruiser’s Winter Workshop to be held Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24, 2010 at the world-renowned maritime training and conference center, Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) in Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

Also: From FLIR Comes Thermal Night Vision Monocular You Can Actually Afford »

The Oil Drum: As Northeast Refineries Close, New Stresses are Added to the System »

image It is not too surprising that refiners are shuttering refineries in the Northeast. These are likely among the oldest refineries, and oil consumption in the East has been dropping for several years, and profit margins have also been low. Will the refinery shutdowns in the Northeast cause a gasoline supply problem? With supplies as adequate as they are now, probably not, but it is a situation to keep watching.

OMAN: Somali Pirates Release Antigua and Barbuda-flagged MV CHARELLE »

MV CHARELLE MV CHARELLE was been sea-jacked by eight pirates around 60 nautical miles south of Sur on the Omani coast. This was the first recorded attack in the waters of the Sultanate of Oman.  The crew of the vessel is not covered by an ITF agreement.

Panama Canal CEO Receives Most Prestigious Award from the Maritime Industry »

image For steadily steering the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) toward a business oriented enterprise focused on customer service, and for successfully initiating the historic expansion of the waterway, ACP Administrator & CEO Alberto Alemán Zubieta received the 2008 “International Maritime Prize” from the International Maritime Organization.

Gambling Cruiser Palm Beach Princess Must Fix Engine or go into Dry Dock »

Palm Beach Princess The Palm Beach Princess has resumed its gambling cruises to nowhere, but on Tuesday the ship could be dry-docked by the U.S. Coast Guard. The company that owns the ship has until then to repair its main engine, which failed about three months ago, or at least have a detailed repair plan.

The ship resumed cruises Thursday after three trips were canceled because of labor problems.  The company, which agreed to a Dec. 8 deadline to fix the engine, has been paying two tugboats to haul the 420-foot ship in and out of the Port of Palm Beach since the engine failure.

More about the Labor Issues: Trouble Strikes Palm Beach Casino Cruise »

Real Pirates Invade Virginia Maritime Museum »

“I was looking for treasure, and I found it,” Clifford, 64, said. “More treasure than I could have ever imagined. The whole bottom was layered with it.”

A sliver of Clifford’s discovery is on display through April 4, 2010, at Nauticus, a marine science museum perched on the Norfolk waterfront. “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship,”

San Francisco: Mission Bay Waterfront Park Kicks Out Old School Maritime Fun »

The Port of San Francisco recently cleared out artists and maritime users of Pier 64 to demolish it and make way for Bay Front Park, a stretch of waterfront open space. Thus ends the life of one of the city’s last public boat yards.

Shipbuilding outlook mixed for 2010 »

Shorpy’s Photo Archive has

Towmasters slices through the BS with Making The Cut: Work Knives For Seafarers – Part I »

Tugster muses about Coexistence 4 »

Tugster On an ideal day, all traffic gets along, sorts itself out.  Big steel and small steel keep clear of one another, again and again, no matter what the direction or cargo or time of hitch or commercial alliance or lack thereof…

UK: Captain Richard Parkinson, managing director of Mojo Maritime Limited of Cornwall UK has received a top honour at the 2009 South West Green Energy Awards »

Captain Richard Parkinson “It is a privilege to receive this recognition of our achievements and we will continue to strive for the fulfilment of the low carbon economy in the marine sector in the region. Exciting projects such as wave hub provide an excellent opportunity for Cornwall to take the lead in developing marine energy”

US Hurricane Center Seeks Public Feedback as Hurricane Season Ends »

U.S. Hurricane Center Another Atlantic hurricane season ended on Monday, November 30, and by all accounts (here, here) it was a relatively mild one with only nine named storms, and just three growing to hurricane strength.

With this in mind, we want to highlight that the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is asking for public feedback on ways to improve the NHC Public Advisory. For more information about the NHC “Proposed Improvements to the NHC Public Advisory” and to offer your suggestions, visit the NHC website here »

USNavySealsBlog has a primer on Somalian Economics Under the Rubric of Piracy »

USNavySealsBlog Money is hard to come by for the residents of Haradheere – that is, if you were bent on looking for it using what the rest of the world will deem as the “traditional” way of earning your keep. There is money in this town, if you are willing to dabble in piracy, a choice that quite a number of people have decided to take – with lucrative results.

Victoria, B.C. – Ramsay Group Looks to a New Century »

image From its 1903 start as a small machine-shop on lower Johnson Street serving the local marine industry, Ramsay Group — a fourth-generation family firm based in Sidney — now competes globally for multimillion-dollar high-tech projects in a variety of sectors. Virginia – Ghost fleet ship still stuck in the James River muck »

Stuck is an understatement. Stranded does it no justice. Marooned? Closer, but not quite. Frozen in the thick mud and sand at the bottom of the James River, the 700-foot, 37,000-ton Monongahela hasn’t budged for more than two weeks…

Yale Environment 360 has Researchers Develop Machine to Recycle Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel »

Sandia National Laboratories The prototype “Sunshine to Petrol” system, developed by Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, uses concentrated solar energy to trigger a thermo-chemical reaction in an iron-rich composite located inside a two-sided cylindrical chamber.

See also: Irish University Introduces World’s Largest Wave Energy Converter »


Historic Ship of the Week:  HMS Medea

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