Pictured are two Kenyan Patrol Boats as they conduct navigational drills with Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth (centre) in the Indian Ocean. Photo credit Wikimedia

Kenya Hints Won’t be Bound By Maritime Border Ruling With…

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October 10, 2021

By Helen Nyambura(Bloomberg) -Kenya hinted it won’t be subject to the International Court of Justice’s ruling in a maritime border dispute with Somalia scheduled to be delivered next week.

Kenya stopped recognizing the ICJ’s compulsory jurisdiction in September and “shall no longer be subjected to an international court or tribunal without its express consent,” the foreign ministry said on Twitter. 

The case dates back to 2014 when Somalia challenged a 2009 agreement that set its maritime border along latitudinal lines extending 450 nautical miles into the sea. The matter relates to a 150,000 square-kilometer (58,000 square-mile) area, potentially rich in fisheries and hydrocarbons. Kenya announced a withdrawal from the case in March after its request for a further postponement was denied.

“Kenya recognizes and has consistently indicated as much, that the judgment of the court — whichever way — will have profound security, political, social and economic ramifications in the region and beyond,” according to the foreign ministry.

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