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February 3, 2014


Trawler, designed by Icelandic artist Stefán Jónsson, engraved by Thomas De La Rue & Co., Ltd., and issued by Iceland on October 12, 1950

Mission Erebus

airmail stamp depicting views of the custom-built schooner Antarctica, which was used by French polar explorer Jean-Louis Étienne’s team during “Mission Erebus” in 1995-96, and a map of Antarctica showing Dr. Étienne’s route, designed and engraved by Claude Jumelet, and issued for use in French Southern and Antarctic Territories on January 2, 1995.

During the Erebus mission, Jean-Louis Etienne and his companions took atmospheric samples of trace gases (ozone, methane, etc.) throughout the voyage of the “Antarctica” down towards the southernmost continent. These measurements formed part of a study programme to find out more about the complex chemistry of trace gases in the atmosphere. +


Rescue boat and nautical chart designed after a photograph by Dan Ljungsvik, engraved by Martin Mörck, and issued by Sweden on March 22, 2007

dutch ant

Netherlands Antilles

freighter Hai Min

 freighter Hai Min and the riverboat Kiang Foo

issued by Republic of China (Taiwan) on December 16, 1957 as one of a set of three similar stamps commemorating the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the China Merchants Steam Navigation Co.; founded December 16, 1872

icebreakers Taimyr and Vaigach

 icebreakers Taimyr and Vaigach

issued September 2013 on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the discovery of Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago in the Russian high Arctic.

seismic exploration vessel Vyacheslav Tikhonov

seismic exploration vessel Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Vyacheslav Tikhonov  (1928-2009) Russian actor whose best known role was as Soviet spy Stierlitz in the television series Seventeen Moments of Spring.

wikipedia page for sister ship RV Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa

Weapon of the Victory 2

Weapon of the Victory

set “Weapons of Victory”  issued by the Russian Federation on 8 May 2013

Korean Naval jack

 statue of Korean naval commander and national hero Admiral Yi Sun-shin (1545-1598)

issued by (South) Korea on November 11, 1955 to commemorate the 10th anniversary on the Republic of Korea Navy.

The Turtle ship, also known as Geobukseon, was a type of large warship used by the Royal Korean Navy, most notably during the Imjin War with Japan during the late 16th century. The ship’s name derives from its protective shell-like covering.  more

INS Nilgiri

INS Nilgiri

India’s first built big warship. Date of Issue: 15 Dec 1968

built at Mazagon Docks Limited, Mumbai in collaboration with Yarrow Shipbuilders, Glasgow.  Commissioned into the Indian Navy on June 3, 1972, decommissioned in 1996. more


Dar-es-Salaam Harbour, issued in 1965

Supply ship Saint Marcouf

Supply ship Saint Marcouf

airmail stamp designed and engraved by Pierre Béquet, and issued for use in French Southern and Antarctic Territories on December 15, 1980

French Southern and Antarctic Territories

French Southern and Antarctic Territories; issued on 1 January 2013 and showing Le Mischief

tillmanThe Bristol Channel Pilot CutterMischief was owned and piloted by Major Harold William “Bill” Tilman;  (1898–1977)  an English mountaineer and explorer, renowned for his Himalayan climbs and sailing voyages.  Tilman voyaged to Arctic and Antarctic waters in search of new and uncharted mountains to climb.

On his last voyage in 1977, in his eightieth year, he was invited to sail with mountaineers travelling to the South Atlantic to climb Smith Island. En route to the Falkland Islands, they disappeared without trace.

A Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter is a specialist style and design of single-masted cuttersailing boat, developed for the needs of speeding maritime pilots to large ships entering and leaving the Bristol Channel. It has been described as the best sailing boat design ever.

Mischief was 45 feet (14 m) and built by Thomas Baker of Cardiff in 1906. Commissioned and sailed by pilot William “Billy the Mischief” Morgan, he once sailed her into Ilfracombe harbour in such appalling weather, that he and his boat earned great respect from the local pilots for “a first class piece of seamanship.”

Bought in 1954 by Tillman, who after a refit, sailed her over 110,000 miles (180,000 km), from the Antarctic to the Arctic, including stops in Patagonia, Greenland, South Georgia and Heard Island.  Tilman wrote six books about his adventures aboard Mischief. In 1968 she hit a rock off Jan Mayen Island in the Arctic Ocean and began to sink before being crushed by ice. +

le mis

a replica of Mischief built by RB Boat Building in 2007 sailing in Cardiff Bay, 2008

MS Salvador

M.S. Salvador

issued by Nicaragua on October 15 as one of a set of twelve stamps commemorating the Nicaraguan Merchant Marine

Yacht Club of Monaco

Fédération Monégasque de Voile; issued by Monaco on May 26, 1988 to commemorate the centenaries of the Yacht Club of Monaco and the Nautical Society

boules de Moulins

stamp depicting a boule de Moulins and a map showing the watery wartime mail route – designed and engraved by Pierre Béquet, issued by France on April 28, 1979

boules de Moulins phoDuring the siege of Paris in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71), to maintain communications the French placed mail in sealed containers called boules de Moulins (“ball mills”) in the Seine River upstream of Paris, near Bray-sur-Seine, and stretched nets behind enemy lines in Alfortville to recover them. above: La “boule de Moulins”

Cargo ship NL EMS

Cargo ship NL EMS

designed by Slovak illustrator Júlia Buková & issued by Slovakia on December 30, 1994

45th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution; Poland, 1962

(Cruiser Aurora) 45th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution; Poland, 1962

Le Galantry

freezer trawler Le Galantry

Designed and engraved by Henry Cheffer (1880-1957) Issued for use in Saint Pierre & Miquelon on March 15, 1956 to publicize the French colonial infrastructure project Fonds d’Investissements pour le Developpement Économique et Social (FIDES); aid to French African colonies.

L'Oubli (Oblivion)

L’Oubli (Oblivion); boating scene designed by Saint-Pierre artist Jean Claude Girardin

 issued by Saint Pierre & Miquelon on September 9, 1989 to commemorate the heritage of L’Île-aux-Marins (“The Island of the Sailors”), a small island in the Atlantic Ocean located off the coast of Saint-Pierre. Engraved by Cécile Guillame.

Packet Tirrenia bPacket Tirrenia, designed and engraved by Tullio Mele (1929-2008) issued by Italy on December 7, 1971

Solidarity Fund

airmail stamp depicting an airplane flying over a dock crane loading food cargo into freighter at quayside, with a grain elevator in the background, designed by French artist and illustrator Camille Paul Josso (1902-1986), engraved by Pierre Gandon, and issued for use in French Morocco on February 9, 1948 to benefit the Solidarity Fund.


Outrigger canoe with sail, plus coat of arms of Fiji, engraved and printed by Waterlow & Sons, Ltd., and issued for use in Fiji on April 5, 1938

HMS Falken

HMS Falken, a Royal Swedish Navy sail-training schooner, in Karlskrona harbor, designed by Swedish artist Philip von Schantz (1928-1998), engraved by Czes?aw S?ania, and issued by Sweden on May 8, 1972

HMS Falken phot

HMS Falken sailing out of Halmstad harbour – (2,816 × 2,112 pixels)

see you

Steamship “Savannah” – First to Cross the Atlantic


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