Japan Tsunami - Ship On Seawall

Japan Tsunami Photos – Top 10 Photos Of Maritime Disaster & Recovery

John Konrad
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March 21, 2011

It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words, which is why we bring you the top maritime tsunami photos from the earthquake that struck Japan.

Ship Up On Beach - Japan Tsunami

A man cycles by a ship at Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011, three days after a powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami hit Japan’s east coast. (Shizuo Kambayashi)

 Japan Tsunami - Ferry On Top Of Building

A ferry sits on top of a building amid a sea of debris in Otsuchi town in Iwate prefecture on March 14, 2011. (Yomiuri Shimbun).
 Japan Tsunami - Ship On Seawall

The 4,724-ton freighter M.V. Asia Symphony lies on a pier after being hit by the tsunami at the port in Kamaishi city, Iwate prefecture on March 16. All 17 Filipino crew (next picture) are safe and living at an emergency shelter near the port. (Toshifumi Kitamura)

JApan Tsunami Oil Spill

Vessels float on oil spilled water in Fudai, Iwate, northern Japan Monday, March 14, 201. (Yomiuri Shimbun, Hiroshi Adachi)
 Japan Tsunami - Containers In Port

Cargo containers are strewn about in Sendai Japan March 12. Japan launched a massive military rescue operation Saturday after a giant, earthquake-fed tsunami killed hundreds of people and turned the northeastern coast into a swampy wasteland, while authorities braced for a possible meltdown at a nuclear reactor. (Itsuo Inouye)

JApan Tsunami - Fishing Boat

A fishing boat rests surrounded by debri in the city of Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture on March 12. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Japan Tsunami - LCAC

JApan tsunami - House Adrift At Sea

A Japanese home is seen adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Ships and aircraft from the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group are searching for survivors in the coastal waters near Sendai, Japan.

Japan House Floating At Sea

Another house adrift at sea off the coast of Japan (Unknown)

JApan Tsunami Google Earth Map

Images provided by GeoEye show an area of Yuriage near Miyagi Prefecture, Japan on April 4, 2010, left, and March 12, 2011. (GeoEy)

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