Jack-up Drilling Rig Catches Fire in Nigeria, UPDATE: Chevron Issues Statement

Mike Schuler
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January 16, 2012

A fire has broke out on a Chevron-owned jack-up rig operating offshore Nigeria.  The fire was reported on the K.S. Endeavor in the Nigeria Delta region on Monday according to statement released by Chevron.

“Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)… confirms a fire incident on the K. S. Endeavor jack-up rig. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday,” Chevron spokesman Scott Walker said in an emailed statement.

Walker added: “We immediately flew out people to the nearby North Apoi platform, and have been helping those needing any medical assistance.”

“We are still investigating the incident and are working to fully understand what happened,”

The fire appears to be the result of a “gas kick” but is only speculation at this point.  A source working on a boat nearby who asked not to be named said he has been told that there has not been any injuries reported but added that that kind of information is kept quiet.  As you can see from the photo below sent into us it was quite an explosion.

Reports have indicated that the nearby North Apoi platform has been shut in as a result.

The rig is run on Chevron’s behalf by contractor FODE Drilling Co.

The above photo was sent into us and shows the fire

**UPDATE** Official Statement from Chevon:

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation/Chevron joint venture, confirms a fire on the K. S. Endeavor jack-up rig. The drilling rig is in CNL’s Funiwa Field, within Oil Mining Lease 86. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday, Jan. 16.  Rig and support barge personnel were evacuated from the facilities.

Our priority now is the safety of our employees and contractors. Well-control plans have been established.

Chevron wishes to reiterate its commitment to operational excellence, the safety of its personnel, security of its assets and protection of the environment.

Chevron has reported the fire to all relevant government authorities.

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