Interesting Ship of The Week – Black Magic turns oil tankers green

Mike Schuler
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June 18, 2010

Whoever said a little black magic couldn’t be used to help cut carbon emissions?  Well, the folks at Sauter Carbon Offset Design aim to do just that with the introduction of the Black Magic, a zero carbon vessel that points to the way future tankers can reduce harmful green house gas emissions by 6 billion tons over the next 20 years.

Black Magic is a 4,000 ton Solar hybrid Vessel that is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by 75 to 100% by harnessing energy from the sun, wind and waves.  It features just about every green technology currently available to large vessels in order to deliver the cleanest marine propulsion system the world has ever seen.  Technologies include:

·         Mercedes Benz & MTU Bluetec diesel electric power generation
·         Hydro and aerodynamic advances in wave piercing pentamaran hull design
·         Azimuth counter rotating CLT high torque propeller systems.
·         KER & Power sailing regeneration.
·         State of the art fully rotational Wing Sails.
·         Maximum solar cell deployment. (2,000 square meters)
·         Energy efficient equipment, including AC & refrigeration with waste heat recovery
·         Computerized energy management, maintenance & guidance.
·         Lithium UPS

Black Maigic is being touted as the only realistic Super Green Alternative to the highly pollutant tankers currently in use and still being built.  Solar cells, power sailing regeneration and plug-in power sources charge a lithium ion storage system allowing Black Magic to achieve her maximum speed of 16 knots and navigate harbors and inland water ways with Zero emissions

Combine that above with 300 to 1,000kws of wing sail propulsion to arrive at virtually unlimited Zero Carbon Cruising at an average speed of 10kts (with optional Sky Sail 12 kts).

Read more about what green technology is being used on ships to cut harmful carbon emissions HERE.

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