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John Konrad
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October 11, 2007

Corsair Survivor Drive - USB Flash Drive

I was recently on deck with a mate I work with and while faking a mooring line his USB stick fell out of his pocket and onto the deck. After being stepped on by an AB and serendipitously finding a puddle of saltwater the look on the mate’s face was priceless. He knew that moment his data was lost.

My first reaction was “What idiot brings his valuable computer information on deck?” but my second thought has proved more productive… “Is there a USB drive made to the same standards as the Panasonic Toughbook“.

Luck for the mate’s future data the answer is yes. The device is the “Cosair Survivor Flash Drive” and from the test I’ve seen it works.

Here’s what Maximum PC says about the drive;

The 8GB Flash Survivor GT, after all, is shock and water resistant—and if your service automatic runs out of ammo, you can even fling its hard aluminum body at someone’s head. But how does it perform?

Quite well, actually. Older keys can deliver great speeds with medium and large files but are painfully slow when transferring small ones. The Survivor GT, however, is speedy with all file sizes in both reading and writing tests. So if you need to copy that PowerPoint presentation off of Salazar’s laptop before the building explodes, this is the thumb drive for you. The Survivor GT handily beats the original Flash Voyager GT in all our read and write tests.

We also tested the Survivor by dunking it in boiling water, freezing it, flinging it against a concrete wall, burning it with a butane torch, dropping it down four flights of stairs, and attaching it to a car muffler during a lunch outing, and it, well, survived. It didn’t look pretty in the end, but the data was still intact. Read More…

While the Corsair Survivor seems like the perfect solution for professional mariners, boaters and sailors it does come at a high price. The 8gb model sells for $99 and the extra large 16gb drive will set you back $199.

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