Image from video shows the Cisne Branco pinned against a bridge in Ecuador.

Incident Video: Brazilian Navy Tall Ship Has Dust-Up With Bridge

Mike Schuler
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October 19, 2021

The Brazilian Navy tall ship Cisne Branco collided with a draw bridge over the Guayas River in Ecuador on Monday.

Video of the incident was posted online and shows the tall ship pinned broadside against the bridge after apparently attempting to navigate between the bridge’s open span.

The Navy said the accident was likely the cause of strong currents, but the exact causes and circumstances remain under investigation.

A second video shows a tug capsize as it attempts to assist the tall ship. However, no injuries were reported.

Here’s another look at the capsizing of the tug which forced its three crew members to climb onto its overturned hull:

The tall ship was eventually released and anchored safely while waiting for a berth in Guayaquil, where it will be inspected.

Cisne Branco, which translates to “White Swan”, is a three masted clipper commissioned by the Brazilian Navy in 2000.

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